Hey everybody! Salam!

First of all thanks for the questions you posted. I think we all have been disappointed with the capabilities of the internet that have been used (misused) by people to sequester themselves into narrow minded cliques, essentially cutting off real interaction.

I look at this forum as a fabulous opportunity to explain to you all my (i.e. Muslim) side of the view. So without any further ado I’ll get right to your questions and do my best to answer them all.


  1. On the lighter side… I know you don’t necessarily reflect all liberal Muslims here or anywhere else, but I’m curious about the similarities between your typical daily life and those of "native" citizens. What is your overall opinion of American entertainment? (good, bad, immoral, stupid, funny?) –Skippy


  2. For reference, I’d like to know Mohammed’s take on capital punishment. When, if ever, is it applicable? (Murder, adultery). What method should be used? (E.g. stoning vs. lethal injection). I’d also like to read his opinion on the Danish Mohammed cartoons. –Flaky


  3. My question is – as a liberal Muslim, how much similarity (if at all) do you see between conservative American Christians and conservative Muslims in theocratic countries? –rob


  4. Where is it written in the Quran that women should wear a veil? and what is the meaning of it? why do they look at a woman as a sexual object? –Dany


  5. Does your religion permit you to question or logically inquire into the existence or nature of your god, or is doubting your god’s existence forbidden? If it is forbidden, do you consider it cruel for that god to not provide any type of measurable proof of his or her existence? –GlitchCog


  6.  Is there now or has there ever been in the past a sizable liberal Islamic tradition? As a self-identified liberal Muslim, I would imagine that you would be well situated to answer that question. The reason I ask is because I know that Christianity in the US used to be largely liberal. It emphasized helping the poor, the dangers of greed and power, and intellectual understanding of the teaching of Jesus. –Sidfaiwu


  7.  In the metric that the West and the Middle East share Abrahamic religion, do you believe it is possible for some form of reconciliation of the two, and what would be the conditions for this to occur? –Thomas K.


  8. Am I mistaken that if Israel (the land) were to be re-distributed or totally internationalized that the Jews would still be treated and looked upon with the same contempt throughout the region? To re-state that, is it really more of a hatred of Israel (the people), Israel (the land that’s being occupied), or just a combination of both? –Josh


  9. How the mothers can so willingly say that they sent their children to battle for various reasons? What in the religion makes people sacrifice their children instead of trying to protect them? –JKM


  10. Do you believe war is an irrational part of the human condition? –Thomas K.


Thank you everybody! It felt very good to be able to answer your questions. If you post more questions (maybe about the answers I’ve given?) and gasmonso allows, then I will surely respond. And thanks gasmonso for giving us the opportunity to interact.

My best regards to you all,


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  1. Felix says:

    So many clicks just to get here, and then I find I have to click ten more times just to read! Perhaps you could either put all the answers in one page, or move them closer to the front of the website (so you don’t need to click so many times to get there)?

  2. gasmonso says:

    Felix, gimme a break man :) If you can write me some AJAX code to have the questions and answers on the same page and look presentable then I’m all for it!

    I know clicking the mouse is very difficult and woefully time consuming, but keep practicing and you’ll get the hang of it ;)

    But seriously, if anyone has suggestions for a better layout then please let me know.


  3. Felix says:

    Well, my first suggestion would be just to have this page on the front page. That at least makes it harder to get lost, and cuts down two clickies.

    On the other hand, I don’t really understand what the obsession on the Internet is with subdividing pages up; I would personally prefer to wait for one long page to load that contained everything, rather than have my reading interrupted every time I want to read the next page­—assuming I still have an Internet connection! To that end, I would suggest just formatting the questions as bold paragraphs and the answers as non-bold paras following. I have no idea what “AJAX” is (HTML was good enough for my grandfather and so it’s good enough for me!;), so I can’t help you there unfortunately.

    (So as you can see, my objection isn’t to using my mouse, but it’s in the time spent redundantly initiating a connection, waiting for the server to work out what’s happening, downloading headers and formatting information three, four, five times. And I’m kinda taking out an objection on you that I have with the Internet in general, for which I apologise.)

  4. Chuck says:

    I thought Mohammed’s answers were very well reasoned, and it’s facinating to get the opposite view for a change. This is the kind of guy I would love to sit down with and have a long talk. I think we could both learn a lot.

    gasmonso, perhaps having a link at the bottom of each page linking to the next question would make it easier to navigate rather than coming back to the index page every time. You could always have an index link on each question to allow people to selectivly choose which ones they want to read.

  5. Paul says:

    Wow Mohammed, If only all Muslems were as reasonable as you, and all christians as well for that matter!!, we might actually have a chance at world peace instead of the hideous irreconsilable mess the world is at the minute.


  6. Excellent story once again. I am looking forward for your next post!

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