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Question: For reference, I’d like to know Mohammed’s take on capital punishment. When, if ever, is it applicable? (Murder, adultery). What method should be used? (E.g. stoning vs. lethal injection). I’d also like to read his opinion on the Danish Mohammed cartoons.  –Flaky

Answer: Muhammad (the prophet) did believe in capital punishment and so do I. Capital punishment is applicable for two reasons only: first is murder, second is anarchy (suicide bombs, causing intentional grievous harm for fun, and everything else that falls under the label of "anarchy"). It is not mentioned for adultery or fornication in the Quran which is just as well because I don’t think that it should be either. When two people commit adultery, it is their decision, and theirs alone.

The Danish cartoons:
According to popular Muslim history which we are taught in schools, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was chased out of towns bleeding till his shoes were drenched in his own blood. He was asked by Allah whether He should punish the towns people for their cruelty, and Muhammad gave a resounding "no". His (Muhammad the prophet’s) reasoning was that the perpetrators will see the righteous way in their own time. Compare this to today where we are ready to kill people simply for saying things against the Prophet when the Prophet himself chose to forgive others for graver sins than that.

Remember when Prince William wore a swastika on his arm? The discussion wasn’t about the freedom of speech, but what is considered offensive. You can also wear an Osama T-Shirt and parade yourself in NY to exercise your freedom. Sure, you’re free to do it but it’s in exceptionally bad taste.

You can also print cartoons of Muhammad wearing bombs for a turban – that is in no better taste either. Having said that – I was very disappointed by the reaction the world over by Muslims to the cartoons. Believe it or not, every time I read of such acts (by Muslims) I shake my head in disappointment – if only we knew our own history.  –Muhammed

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Eh. To think the swastika was originally a positive sign…

  2. Flaky says:

    That’s interesting. The Quran does order “only” 100 lashes to adulterers, unlike the Bible, which orders stoning. I though that the stonings in certain islamic countries were based on the Quran.

  3. muzzle says:

    I really like this new space and the opportunity to talk about Islam with someone “in the know” :), but I have to correct you.
    Even if I am not an anarchist myself I do respect anarchist a lot, so I have to stress that anarchy is not blowing up people and buildings for fun, anarchy (or libertarian socialism) is a political theory. Anarchist have committed act of terrorism (maybe this word better describes what we are talking about) in the past, but most anarchist abhor violence as much as any human being.

    If you are interested you can find a lot of information on

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