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Question: My question is – as a liberal Muslim, how much similarity (if at all) do you see between conservative American Christians and conservative Muslims in theocratic countries?  –rob

Answer: How much? Massive! There are amazing similarities between the two. If only the conservatives knew the similarities they had with each other! I stopped going to a mosque in my neighborhood in Karachi (my home city) because the Imam’s khutbas (lectures) were full of how we all need to fight all political parties in Pakistan that were not religious, fight all Jews that were hell bent on destroying Palestinians, etc etc. The speeches sounded like gunfire to me and I preferred to stay home. On the other hand the mega-churches here (specially in the red states) sing hymns, feature army majors and generals as speakers, and in the end project movies of F-16s flying over beautiful graveyards adorned with white crosses as if they’re defending Christianity. The delivery in both the cases is different, but the underlying message is the same. Remember that a majority of the Muslims in the USA were strong Republicans (just like conservative Christians) until 9/11, after which they have all started leaning towards the Democrats simply because they are fiercely anti-war (Iraq) and they think that the Democrats will protect their communities from abuse and victimization.  –Muhammed

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  1. Humanistic Jones says:

    Its actually not a stretch to see the Muslim community supporting the pre 90′s Republican party. The party had been a party of social conservitavism, much of which doesn’t seem to conflict at all between the devout Christian bases and the devout Muslim bases. I doubt both would want to see a break down of public decency in the US and that used to be the message of the Republican party in the late 20th century. Now its a party of War for Jesus, which has alienated quite a few former members from all religions.

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