Question 4

Question: Where is it written in the Quran that women should wear a veil? and what is the meaning of it? why do they look at a woman as a sexual object? –Dany

Answer: My wife used to wear a head scarf (hijab) but not a veil. We looked into the matter in detail and pored over the Quran (this took months!) and what we found was that the Quran encourages modesty and to keep oneself modestly attired. It does not even mention the word ‘hair’ or that a complete veil should be worn. All the injunctions about covering yourself in an abaya (the black gown) come from ‘scholarly research’ which as a Muslim one has every right to dispute. But if you are going to dispute something you need to have read about it – unfortunately in the Muslim world, not too many people read much of anything and take the words of their Imams. None of my friends or family
wears a hijab or an abaya.

Women are looked at as sexual objects here in the West as well. In fact a naked woman here is equally repressed as the fully- dressed woman in the black veil. The difference is that when a woman is harassed here (USA), it is the fault of the man and hence overt sexual aggression is strongly discouraged and rightfully punished. In many Muslim countries (and I feel sad as I write this) if a woman is sexually assaulted, it is thought of as the fault of the woman because she was not modestly dressed. The veil and abaya are in ways defensive measures that women adopt. They are not religious symbols alone.  –Muhammed

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  1. Humanistic Jones says:

    I think there was something in the Book of Enoch that was used once to encourage women to cover themselves. Something about Angels being drawn to their beauty and them having to remain modest to keep from being taken by the celestial beings. Not sure though.

  2. Agnostic says:

    I have always wondered about this too, and it was my main gripe with Islam (with me being a feminist). Thankyou for a well written answer Muhammed, you have put my mind to rest about this. You are also indeed true about female repression in the West.

    Western women think that getting their clothes off means freedom, but it has cut the other way and now stands as one of the only paths of power a women has – her body. As such, women are reduced to nothing but plastic barbie models in men’s magazines, famed for their sex appeal and fuelling a whole generation of confused, bullemic girls, and boys who think that half-naked women are the highest standard in femininity.

    Ask a young girl to name her idol. Likely it will be someone skinny, blond and perfectly airbrushed. My idols growing up were Einstein and Stephen Hawkings, and I feel sad that these amazing people aren’t even compared to the likes of Beyonce, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera.

  3. Agony says:

    I have a moslem frind whom i asked about this and he gave me this passage from the quran:

    You oh prophet tell your wives and daughters and the wives of the (moslem) believers to lower their jilbabs onto themselves. that is better for them than being recognized(seen?) so they will not be hurt.

    Now i don’t know the litteral definition of Jilbab, but here it is pretty much the same as an abaya, but that might be a language mistake, i’m not sure.

  4. Mohamed says:

    There is something you missing here, what about the Nuns in Christinty, do they cover their head, don’t they weat long garment. Can any body explain why?

    In almost every faith that has been the case, Islam try to make the women not to be an object of sex, when you talk to woman and she is decent, you are talking to her mind, away from any sexual desiers, so the Islam is trying to put the woman in higher standerd and guarntee the respect she deserve. I will give an exampl for that, the Hip Hop music, and how they image the woman, woman is more precious in Islam. That’s why I don’t agree with the question in first place.

  5. vk says:

    Women shouldn’t be anything special, they shouldn’t have to be covered up, or require special attention.
    Protecting women in such a way is the same as undermining them and seeing them as lesser beings.
    The fact that most see random women as sexual objects is quite natural. If you don’t know anything about their personality or any such thing, the only thing you know about her is your initial reaction, which is based around her hotness for obivious revolutionary reasons.

    I see the hip hop’ers who sing about how they want to slap that skank ho’s big ass all night long as more tolorant than the guys who sees women and want to cover them up and keep them protected.
    The hiphoppers just say stuff about the women, the protective guys actually do stuff to them.


  6. Agony says:

    Mohammed, if you’re the same Mohammed who answers our question i would be glad if that Ayah from the qoran doesn’t mean that they should wear the whole long clothes thing.

    About christianity, i’m not a big fan of it, but at least there it’s the NUNS who wear this stuff, they were born somewhere, grew up like anybody else being allowed to wear skimpy clothes, and DECIDED to wear this stuff, remain a virign, devote her self to jesus christ…etc

    On the other hand, i know quite a number of girls(my cousin being one of them) who were forced to wear it by their parents. i think there is no precise verse in the quran that says parents should force them, but it says parents should hit their children for not praying if they are over 10 years old(which leads to the conclusion that FORCING children into islam is a parents duty)

    see the two highlighted words? “Decided” and “Forcing”

  7. Mohamed says:

    I’m not the same Mohamed, he has his own views, and I have mine, we almost agree on every thing, yet he has his own opinion. Isn’t weired that most of the designer are men, that’s why most of the fashion is about showing the women body, man takes control of woman in so many ways what to wear and she has to work out, and she has to be Barbie in order to get every body attention, make her his slave. Woman is more than a body, woman is more stronger than man in so many ways, Islam focus on woman, because Islam knows the value of the woman, and so many times, god mentioned the mohter in the quran, I’m hardly even remember that the quran mentioned the father, and our prophet stress that the heaven under the mother’s feet. And for who ever say that he rather the hip hop to talk about the woman like that, try and let your child watch these songs and tell mewhen he grows up, how is he going to look at the woman and see what his opinion about the women.

  8. Agony says:

    >man takes control of woman in so many ways what to wear
    >and she has to work out

    Arguably the same goes for men, i buy nice clothes and i work out

    >and she has to be Barbie in order to get every body attention

    Barbies get attention? sure, if you’re at a bar, but i don’t know any guy who would date a mindless/weak barbie more than twice. From experience i can tell you that barbies have the hardest time finding ment they like well enough, in the end most of them settle for the next best thing(due to the lack of options)

    >woman is more stronger than man in so many ways

    Is that why her witness is worth half that of a man, why she has to hide her beauty so that they don’t get hurt?(the same Ayah i quoted before)
    Weird consequences of being strong… don’t you think?

    >god mentioned the mohter in the quran
    it mentioned the parents, never the father alone as IIRC
    but still, the mother is something, what about the girl? the maiden? the wife? the woman? the crone? there are so many different levels of being a woman, a mother is only one of them(justl ike being a father is only part of being a man)

    >And for who ever say that he rather the hip hop to
    >talk about the woman like that

    Personally i hate hip-hop and rap and think it’s(mostly) endlessly repeated beats with just as bad lyrics(dont’ get me wrong there are some great hiphop and rap songs, they are just rare)

    What i’d give my children? Chris DeBurgh for example(for the age of 6 to 12 he should work great) and later introduce bands like Evanescence and Within temptation… They put more effort into their songs than thongs.

  9. Mohamed says:

    Ok at least we agree that we both like Chris DeBurgh:), any way the woman have half opinio as witess, because she is more emotional than the man, I’m really serious that the woman is stronger than the man, who raise childern? the woman, you know why, because man is not up for the challange to raise a child, who takes care of bills, mostly woman, because women can manage things better, I have seen with my dad and how my mom were doing almost every thing, she knew how to handle every thing better, and that’s why my dad loved her and was appreciative for every thing she does, that’s one thing out many others.

    In the Quran, there is whole section about woman, and about theire rights when she married and every thing you can imagine, like how much money she should get if her husband died, and like other no religions, husband can’t give up this right, for example he can’t put will and exclude her from the will, when she get divorced, god gives her a lot of rights, please not this rules in Quran came in time people were killing their daughters when they get one, so the Quran came in time the women has no rights and he gave a lot of rights. In the section I mentioned above which called “women” and it mentioned every thing about every stage you can think about.

    Womam under Islam has a lot of rights if people applied the real Islam, unfortunatlly people in Middle East named Muslims but they don’t apply it.

    One more example about the role of the women in Islam at the time of the pioneers, there was woman at time of the Omat Bin Elkhatab(the govenor of Islam at this time), men even used to fear him, one day he was saying speach in front of people and then this woman stood and she told that he was wrong, in front of people, and that what he said” the woman is right and Omar is wrong”, she didn’t fear him and he didn’t oppress her, that was 1100 years ago, but they were applying the real Islam and we are not.

    The secret of the West civilization that they apply the Islam and they are not Muslims.

    Thank you, at least as I said we agreed on something.

  10. Agony says:

    Sure we agree on more than just the singer, just no about religion.

    Well, my mom isn’t good at management and all, but she has other skills, it’s my girlfriend who has all the political skills i never had(while i have the scientific skills), i don’t think this proves much about women being “stronger”. i have no way to prove this, but i think men and women are equally able to lead, though each in his/her own way.

    in the following article i found nothing that said that women will lie(because of emotions) more often than men, and i know men who are way weaker than some of the girls i know(especially my old school teachers, i have an evil smile right now)

    >In the Quran, there is whole section about woman, and
    >about theire rights when she married and every thing
    >you can imagine, like how much money she should get if
    >her husband died, and like other no religions

    except in my countrie’s laws… but hey rules made by men can’t come close to rules made by $Deity.

    >Womam under Islam has a lot of rights if people applied
    >the real Islam, unfortunatlly people in Middle East
    >named Muslims but they don’t apply it.

    I completly agree that people here follow only a very twisted and lacking version of islam.

    >The secret of the West civilization that they apply
    >the Islam and they are not Muslims.

    This reminds me about all the news about company X which had broken some kind of patent law by using technology Y in way Z.

    Now the truth is that in most cases the guys who are sued have really worked hard and invented the thing(even if it was written somewhere else already) that doesn’t mean they took it from there, or that they are followers of $Religion without knowing it.

    Still, i think most of the things western culture did take from islam they took from islamic thinkers who invented this stuff(like giving old people money every month after they retire, it was Omar too who invented this, it is debatable wether or not Islam can be given credit for it)

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