Muhammed Caricatures



Here is a permanent home for the 12 Muhammed caricatures that were printed in the Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. If you don’t have a sense of humor then leave. They are just cartoons and nothing more. Comments will be enabled on here so please feel free to leave them. Keep it civil and please don’t storm my website with RPGs and machine guns. Oh, flag burning is unacceptable aswell. But feel free to boycot my site as that is a peaceful means of protest.



4,367 Responses to “Muhammed Caricatures”

  1. Atheist says:

    Rofl…. i am from Germany just to clear it .
    i dont care about the fuking muslims or the fucking Krists
    i just dont like to see that much hate. I was sreaching for my own way to see the world… and i dont seperate people to muslim and Kristians, i seperate them on are they evil or they show humanity…
    Tracy you fuking motherfucker people like you should be hanged like sadam husein. in your words i can see the same evil mind…. fuking dickhead!!!

  2. bob rock says:

    Yeah, tracy, pretty clear what ‘Atheist’ really wears on his head. Good catch.

  3. test says:

    I am actually grateful to the holder of this web site who has shared this great article atat this place.

  4. Muslim Violence Watch says:

    And now we see news of Shia and Sunni cults killing each other by the dozens in Iraq during Ramadan. What a violent religion, even worse than the Christian cult that has Protestants and Catholics still battling each other in Ireland.

    Religion of peace my ass…

  5. ali says:

    You people are garbage and filth that these measures do

    ??? ??? ??? ????? ? ?????? ????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ?? ????

  6. Federation of Gay Imams says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, ali. You bad girl. You should not speak thusly of filth of others when your own erect measure is so small and you are so non-debonair.

    You sound like you are very sore today. Were you spanked forthrightly by an unripened imam? Do not be embarrassed as such with red posteriority. We have experienced vestal goats close quartered in Tehran if you need to be resanctified.

    Of this year, shall no imams be spanked without above goats. No more.

    Here it is written and must be so.
    Here it is written and must be so.

    Tehran here.

  7. datdemdar says:

    To an Atheist, every day is a religious holiday.

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  9. worldgame says:

    Richard u are right… But not at all.. The government of Denmark could block the pictures… worldgame

  10. worldgame is a loser says:

    worldgame is wrong and is very stupid. The pictures are all over the internet and are available outside Denmark.

    Allah isn’t powerful enough to do anything about it either, because allah doesn’t exist.

  11. islam is horrible says:

    In the latest news, followers of Islam just killed >125 “infidel” school kids in Peshawar, Pakistan.

    Get a brain and some guts, muslims, and leave your religion of violence already. It’s just long past time already.

  12. Dave says:

    Recent events in Paris make this cartoons relevant all over again.

    There is no excuse for Islam in a modern world. Islam and its idiot followers deserve to be put down, and mocked severely. Just like Christianity, it is all superstition, but the “death to infidels” demands of the Koran coupled with eager recruits and high pressure recruiting makes Islam even more dangerous than Christianity.

  13. George says:

    It’s kind of unfair to make fun of Islam. I mean, so what if all Islamic terrorists like eating porcine excrement. Sure, it’s disgusting, but I’ll try not to laugh at them. Ha!

  14. Dain says:

    Right on George and Dave. Same old thing from the assinine and evil “religion of peace” has happened again in Brussels and the other wimp muzzies don’t have the balls to speak out. Enough is enough. Roast the mohammeds -they deserve it.

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  16. Islam is terrible says:

    Again today a crazed follower of the “religion of peace” strikes again, this time in Orlando.

    Sad that some humans still believe in such crazy religions, which are an obvious load of crap. We are all the worse for it.

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