Slogan Fest

Religous Freaks is in need of a new slogan or two. Currently we are simply… –Ones Man’s Quest Against Religious Idiocy

Another one could be… –Religion On The Cross

While I like them, I know there are better ones. If you have any suggestions, just leave a comment below with your idea. Even if you think it’s bad, others may feed off of it and create something new.

I think this will be a fun experiment! Once I get a sizable list I’ll put up a poll for everyone to select the most popular :)

Be sure to leave your email when you leave a comment to get credit for your submission. I may have a little something for you :)

Have fun!

136 Responses to “Slogan Fest”

  1. Ralph says: – Don’t confuse me with facts, I’ve made my mind up.

  2. GayBlessed says:

    Us 1 Falwell 0

  3. Simon says: Pessimist Preachings of the perverted kind.

  4. False Messiah says: – Believing in the nonbelievers – Becouse who needs a God if we have (insert name)
    create a big list of names and pick one at random at every refresh. examples:

    Chuck Norris
    My girlfriend
    People who talk back
    David Blain

  5. Don says:

    I like your original. This is the first time I’ve come across your site, but I’ve had the same idea forever. I like my combined version better, though. I call it “religidiocy”. Popularize the phrase, dude.

    Keep the faith.

  6. CoreDigital says: – More hits than a public stoning – Because there’s no promise of internet in the afterlife – Because your religion’s website hasn’t been updated in 2,000 years – We’ll tell you how to live the other six days out of the week

  7. Andrew says:

    Maybe this one will be dated too quick, but its relevant now: – Web hits 4 Jesus

    Didn’t we already take a survey about these?

  8. brett says: everyone needs something to blame their problems on

  9. Teddy says: learning, but never coming to the truth!

  10. colton says:



    my worlds on fire how bout yours thats the way he likes cuz we never get bored

    jesus rox my holy sox

    keeping people from getting stoned. those were the days.

    3 nails+1cross=4given the best math problem in my life

    because buddah wont be judging us

    jesus my anti-world

    he gives an inch and lets us take a mile

  11. DSB says:

    Wer’e sending Jesus to the principals office.

  12. Tim Chisholm says:

    “Shining a bright cleansing light on religious agendas.”

  13. Andre says:

    christ is cross, islam is lame

  14. mohamed says:


    Islam is not lame, and if you are smart enough, you would know that Gasonmo will never accept such a slogan, but I think you should have replaced Islam with Andrew in you slogan.

  15. Alcari says:

    Hey, I thought it was funny. That’s really all it’s about.

    besides, this is no place for an argument.

  16. Patrick says:

    Religious Because People are dumb!

  17. Wayde Christie says:

    Hey folks – first time here.

    I can’t believe no-one has suggested “Oh my God!” as a slogan :)

  18. Andrew says:


    Reread 113. It was posted by “Andre” not by me. I think Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and most other religions are fascinating to learn about and discuss. Not lame.

    But this (and some other posts in other sections) taught me one valuable lesson. If you stop visiting this site for a few months, people with your same name or similar names start posting things that make you look like a jackass, an idiot, or both.

  19. Mark Dawes says:

    Have been pondering…

    How about.. – Because some things are more important than calling your teddy bear Mohammed!

    OR – Don’t Believe The Hype

    OR – More ‘Profit’ than ‘Prophet’

    OR – God Only Knows Why

    OR – We have better things to do on a Sunday than pray

  20. Mark Dawes says:

    My creative juices are flowing.. – Well I’ll be damned

    OR – The Antichrist Superstars

    OR – For When Sanity Finally Strikes

    OR – Unconverting the preachers rather than preaching to the unconverted

    OR – We Are The Resurrection… of your sanity!

  21. Misty Olen says:

    “Because we don’t want the whole world in his hands”


    “God said, “Let there be light” – he wanted it, he got it”


    “eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil”


    “One God, Many Lies”


    “don’t worry we won’t tell Jesus you were here”

  22. biba says:
    “come holy up yourself” or “have Faith”

    idk…they took all te good ones!lol

  23. Duncan W. says:

    God gave us Reason for a reason!

  24. 123 says:

    because islam is the truth

  25. irishthunder says:

    “because islam is the truth”

    because islam is the truth, if you’re a mildly retarded violent chauvinist.

  26. jagannath says:

    If you need to defend your faith, it is not worth of your faith.

  27. Badgerbear says:

    Religious Freaks: Dumber than cabbage but far more dangerous.

  28. Kurt says:

    -Because the gods may not be crazy, but some of their followers sure are.
    -In case of fire, break dogma here.
    -A Quest for peace and understanding among the religious and non-religous, with some nasty flames thrown in (too long, I know, but I like it anyway).
    -Where gods have fun messing around with their followers.
    -Charting stupidity among the extremists.
    -What, me worship?
    -Providing the education about religion you should have gotten earlier.
    -All in good fundametalism.
    -Because a faith unquestioned is a faith unreasoned.
    -Turning the lights on blind faith.
    -Get your religious freak on!
    -Like searching for the holy grail of athiesm.
    -Power to the sheeple!
    -Trying to send religious stupidity the way of the Dodo.
    -Chicken Soup for the reasoning centers of your brain.
    -Tidbits of craziness from the religious fringe.
    -Because god told you to.
    and, finally (because I am tired now):
    -For those who want to actually talk religion, not shout it.

  29. Shoo says:

    Someone else suggested this very idea (the joys of Ctrl-f) – I wholeheartedly support it.

    ReligiousFreaks – Holy Shit!

  30. Aaron says: A spoon full of Valum helps religion go down. We dine on wine and crakers at the bar. Until Jesus or Muhammad magically zaps our servers. Making Muhammad Mad, Muhahahah!

  31. Corso says: – a non-prophet organization

    (I think it’s already taken)

  32. Aaron says: Organized religion is for the birds, and by birds we mean sheep.

  33. genderbender says:

    Addressing schizophrenia both mild and full blown

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