The Insurgent Jesus Caricatures

The Insurgent, a student newspaper at the University of Oregon, has what I hope to be the final say in this idiotic orgy of cartoon madness.  I am only posting this because I have done so with all the other cartoons. Quite frankly, I am bored with this whole issue and I never expected it would come as far as it has. So without further ado, I present you a few of the Jesus caricatures as seen in the March-April issue of the Insurgent. The entire issue can be downloaded here.

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  1. god is fiction says:

    Apparently the “perfect” kingdom of god has a broken caps lock key. That’s somewhat typical of posters about god myths. You don’t have any evidence for your god stories, and all the evidence is against them, so all you can do is shout garbled crap.

    Posts 199 and 200 are a fucking joke. Go have god fix your keyboard before you post again, loser. Now you’ve heard about it at least twice, so go there and actually do some reading.

    It’s 2010. Fuck your stupid jesus stories.

  2. Etienne EatMyBurgher says:


  3. bob says:

    I couldn’t agree more with how that religion is totally fake, but what are they doing printing ‘fuck’ and showing boners etc. in a student newspaper? sad

  4. sue says:

    bob, is that you?

  5. casas says:

    You just cant handle that Jesus was historical person.Read Josephus Flavius,the man from whom you learn history all you life.

  6. sue says:

    caca casas is that you? You smell like you.

    We no want to handle you. Use toilet paper is better.

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  8. Coach Purses says:

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  9. Rob Shining says:

    IT is so easy for “fools” who say that there is no God to make mokery of God and of the way in which God has choosen to express His greatest Love for the Eternal Salvation of His Human Creation. The Prince of this world (the “Devil or Satan”)who loves to deceive,induce blindness and ignorance when it Comes to the Eternal Creator and His Beloved Son Jesus Christ will continue to do so until The Fulness Of Time. The Atoning and Salvific work of Jesus Christ is for the gift of Eternal Life with Him in God’s Eternal Kingdom. The Prince of this world works consistently to keep as many people in the dark as possible about God and Jesus Christ. Because, as an eternal looser ,he wants as many human beings as possible to be with him as an eternal loosers. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Ceator God, His Beloved Son Jesus Christ and the reaching out to bless and eternally save His Human Creation,the Insurgents and the Mockers will continue untill the Day OF THE LORD Comes. Believe it or not, The Day Of The Lord is Comming. It is unstoppable!

  10. Rob Shining says:

    I commit fallacies like Pascal’s Wager all the time. I’m even so stupid I can’t even spell comming.

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  16. The Insurgent Jesus Caricatures

  17. [...] an “alternative” student paper at the University of Oregon, printed 12 hand-drawn cartoons of Jesus as a response to a rival paper The Commentator for having published the controversial [...]

  18. [...] Insurgent, an “alternative” student paper at the University of Oregon, printed 12 hand-drawn cartoons of Jesus as a response to a rival paper The Commentator for having published the controversial [...]

  19. william hughes says:

    Is it possible we have Ted Cruze , a presidential hopeful, actually winning some primaries. He prays every morning as he gets up………what a total dumb ass to believe in this religious bullshit and then try to jam it down our throats.. All we need is some religious freak in the white house…..Americans are so DUMB when it comes to common sense…….

  20. william hughes says:

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  24. Neando says:

    Christians in general are pretty stupid and their religion is collapsing.

  25. Richard Swinburne says:

    I agree. It is fun though to watch it crumble.

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  27. D says:

    Fuck your stupid Jesus stories.

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