University Of Virginia — Cavalier Daily Cartoons

Here’s yet another chapter in the neverending book of cartoons and caricatures. This dose of medicine is brought to you by the University of Virginia’s Cavalier Daily student newspaper.

The cartoons appeared in the Aug 23 and 24 edition in the cartoon section. They mock Jesus, Mary, and Joesph.

university of virginia cavalier daily cartoon jesus dont drive

university of virginia cavalier daily cartoon jesus castesian cross

university of virginia cavalier daily cartoon nativity obscene

60 Responses to “University Of Virginia — Cavalier Daily Cartoons”

  1. Korgan says:

    Paige George

    Your insults are very typically Christian of you. Furthermore, if you hadn’t accepted in advance the possibility of your time being “wasted” (in your vapid and thus far unsupported opinion), then you shouldn’t have posted here to begin with.

    My references were used to support my opinions, that I had already presented. In your case, you have nothing but a collection of incredible fiction (at best) to support your opinion. Again and again, the purpose of a reference seems utterly beyond you.

    So, have you bothered to read The End of Faith yet? If you find that to be beyond you, Letter to A Christian Nation., by the same author, is perhaps easier reading for your level. Open your mind and read some books outside your narrow world view. There’s more than your ridiculous bible out there, and reading beyond it will not be a “waste” of your time.

    Religion is ridiculous.

  2. Irishthunder says:

    “Why is morality applied in life?”

    As I’m sure you are understand morality is a mostly gray area in constant debate even within religious communities, there are actually some small tribes that still practice cannibalism. However there are some morals that stand in most any situation, these rules were put in place long before any of today religions existed. They are basic inherit laws like each of our human rights, when these laws are violated other humans are harmed. When someone murders another we all know it is wrong, we know that person probably didn’t deserve it and neither did their family. We don’t need any book to tell us that, and the world would be a dangerous and far worse place if we relied solely on what a book told us.

    “If life is meaningless, just a blip in the vast arena of time, then why care about anything other than your own pleasures and desires? Why is there a line that cannot be crossed?”

    First I’ll just say this is an incorrect assumption to make about those who don’t follow your religion, you won’t like it if I made assumptions about you. Personally, I struggled with that very question when I was younger, and it taps into the very question of the purpose of our existence. This is something MANY differ on no matter where you go.

    Here are my ‘beliefs’ on what life means, just mine:
    - No matter what caused this universe to come into existence, we are here now, and we are all in this together in the greater scale.
    - No matter what happens when humans die, we all must make an effort to make the world, or universe, a better place than it was when we arrived.
    - If an individual harms another, that person must be punished, whether it is rehabilitation or keeping them out of society completely. Essentially, when someone violates the human rights of some else, they forfeit their own.

    That all for now, these are ideas I developed on my own through education as well as much reflection.
    By the way, if your in the mood for good reading try “Death by Black Hole” by Neil deGrasse Tyson. It’s a collection of articles by the astrophysicist and one of the most brilliant minds today. It truly helped me put the world in perspective.

  3. Paige George says:

    When asking my questions I did not mean to assume things about anyone, regardless of religion, or anything…. What I meant was where do these inherit laws come from? If humanity just evolved randomly, then survival would tell us each to be the biggest and strongest, not to live together in harmony like humanity attempts to do. In the animal world, there is an alpha creature that rules over all others within that community. There are no homosexual animals, there are inherit differences between male and female and the roles they play. This is not the case in humanity. Men and women are allowed to choose their roles, or even choose their sex. There are leaders in human community, but it is very accepted and tolerated to challenge authority. Our species is very distinct and special from all others, and I just refuse to believe that it happened randomly. You are right, morals are disputed from person to person, community to community, but the basic rules regarding how to live day to day are lodged in our brains in our conscience. This is also specific to the human species. Why can’t someone kill? If you want something from someone else, why can’t you take it? Other than fear of authority, where do these inherit understandings of right and wrong, good and evil come from?
    Also, these beliefs are not specific to just Christianity, but all faiths that believe in higher purpose.

  4. Korgan says:

    Wow, Paige George, your post 53 distinguishes itself in the number and degree of misconceptions and errors contained in it. To deal with just a few of the problems in your post:

    1. Evolution by natural selection is not “random”, although the genetic mutations that can drive it can be. Selection for what you essentially describe as the most brutish individual is a common misconception. Natural selection is based on survival of species (genes), not individuals, and so there is actually positive selection pressure for certain altruistic behaviors by individuals and for behaviours that benefit the community. This is observed not only in humans, but in many other species, such as other apes, wolf packs, fish schools, and much more.

    I suggest that you read a basic textbook on biology. You haven’t grasped the basics of evolution yet. The scientific evidence for evolution is now overwhelming, and that same evidence contradicts your bible no matter how Christians try to spin it otherwise.

    2. “There are no homosexual animals” Huh? Where did you pull that nonsense from. Homosexuality is present and frequently observed in many species, not just humans. You don’t seem to get the point of references, so I’ll provide just this one, from the National Geographic, just for the benefit of readers other than yourself. For your case, a trip to the zoo and some time spent observing other species may convince you of your error in regard to homosexuality of non-human species. There are now some good postulates about evolutionary reasons for the continuing presence of homosexuality through generations.

    3. At the core of your beliefs is that humans are somehow “special” by design among animals. In the sense you mean it, that’s just wishful thinking; you just can’t bring yourself to acknowledge that the world could be otherwise, but overwhelming evidence shows that it is otherwise. Evidence such as the appendix and other evolutionary remnants that you were born with, and the frailties that you are susceptible to, points not to involved design, but to evolution. We are only “special” in the sense of the specialized adaptations of our species to our environment over time, but from that standpoint, there are many other species that are also “special”. For example, sharks and polar bears are “special” predators that are highly evolved to suit their particular environments, that humans would struggle to survive in.

    Religion is ridiculous.

  5. rartope says:

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  6. MD.Mizanur Rahman says:

    Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wabarkatuhu…………………… all of you….I am a muslim…..At first, I have to say that—”THERE ARE NO GOD BUT ‘ALLAH’ AND PROPHET MUHAMMED(PEACE BE UPON HIM) IS THE LAST AND FINAL MASSENGER OF ALLAH”………Some people may think that—PROPHET MUHAMMED(PEACE BE UPON HIM) is the founder of ‘ISLAM’……I hate them..I hate them..I hate them….Because he isn’t founder of ISLAM..But he is the last and final messenger of ‘ALLAH’(I said it)…..Nowadays we are seeing some crazy people who’s are making the cartoons of our PROPHET MUHAMMED (PEACE BE UPON HIM)’s they are the foulest human beings of the world………….Some people thinks that ‘’JIHAD’’ means holy wars……..But it’s not true ……..The true is that ‘’JIHAD’’ means increasing the speed of ‘’ISLAM’’ by giving ‘DAW’AH’(INVITE)………Now you can think that I am telling you the false, because of that—-PROPHET MUHAMMED (PEACE BE UPON HIM) had passed his many of times by wars……..If you think that I have a question to you that—If anyone invite you for a war or a debate or anything , will you interrupt him?….. I think u will answer me that ‘no’……..because if you interrupt him you will be gotten shame……..That’s why , when anyone invited PROPHET MUHAMMED(PEACE BE UPON HIM) for a war he didn’t interrupted them , he joined on the war………………………………….I hate pope Benedict…….Because he insulted ‘’ISLAM’’ and PROPHET MUHAMMED(PEACE BE UPON HIM)……. I hate pope or pooooope bandage……..Can’t MUSLIM’s makes the cartoon’s of pope Benedict’s….But no we respect him………But those who’s made the cartoon’s of PROPHET MUHAMMED (PEACE BE UPON HIM) they are disrespectful, they have no religion……Or if they have religion their religion is false or foul………There are so many scientific and mathematical and many other errors in the bible…….For example: mention from the bible ……that——‘’The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham’’(Matthew:ch.1.V:1)………now my question is that —-how can a man has two father?
    OH! There are no statement in the complete bible where Jesus Christ himself said that I am god and worship me………So there are no true religion without ‘’ISLAM’’…………..And ‘’ISLAM IS A COMPLETE WAY OF LIFE’’

  7. Rhamanajamakalamadamasamahadrhanman says:

    MD.Mizanur Rahman, why would a “god” require worship?

    Looks like your god is a whiny needy thing. Maybe it needs some comforting. Maybe you could try offering it some warm milk.

  8. factoid says:

    O my, Mizanur, everything you said is a lie and easily disproven, in fact it is often disproven by the muslim terrorists who quote the koran and hadith to support their murders. And anyway, why are you here telling US this? Go tell the muslims who are using the koran to justify their murders. They quote it accurately and no islamic leader or imam or mullah has corrected them. In fact many imams in the muslim world say that YOU are the one who has gotten islam wrong. If islam is so fucking peaceful why are 99% of the terrorist murderers in the world muslims? We are all tired of you tiresome muslims – go whine somewhere else.

  9. You made a number of good points there. I did a search on the subject and found most people will have the same opinion with your blog.

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