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Trick Or Treat?

‘Tis that time of the year when children everywhere dress up in costumes of all types, some funny, others cute, and many spooky. Most will embark on a special mission, one fraught with peril and adventure. Many will endure the bright sun and heat, while others will brave the dark night and cold temperatures. Yet, [...]

Compassionate Christians?

This has to be one of the more stunning news releases I have seen in awhile.  The Bangor News is reporting, "Demonstrating a divide among religious leaders, a Christian think tank on Thursday released a paper opposing a Nov. 8 ballot question that seeks repeal of the state’s new gay rights law." This think tank, [...]

What would Jesus listen to?

I have always asked myself that question along with what would Jesus drive. Alas, I have the answer and it is great.  Now introducing the iBelieve, a case mod for the iPod shuffle that supercharges it with the power of God. Imagine on your next crusade you have hundeds if not thousands of miles to [...]

Freaks at the workplace

GM was recently sued for alleged religious discrimination by a 43-year-old employee who works in Pontiac, MI. As reported from the Billings Gazette, "The automaker had denied his request to form a company-sponsored Christian group, similar to nine employee affinity groups for veterans, women, gay men and lesbians, disabled people and racial or ethnic minorities." [...]

Arthur Blessitt

I want everyone to thank Arthur Blessitt for popping Religious Freak’s cherry this week.  Originally, I had planned on featuring another freak for this special occasion, but when I ran across Blessitt I knew he was the one. This man has spent the last 35 years pimping Jesus in 303 nations (I didn’t know we [...]


I’ve been compiling a list and doing research on many religious freaks. Actually, I was quite surprised at how many there actually are! Anywho, I’ve been working on the theme and a title pic which will be uploaded in the next couple days. As for content that will follow shortly. I am finding it difficult [...]

Coming Soon…

Welcome to the future home of Religious Freaks. Check back in the next week as we begin our journey into religious fanaticism. Construction will be ongoing. In the meantime, submit any links or topics that you would like to see discussed in the future. Anything is fairgame and the more rediculous the better :)