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There Is No God

Penn Jillette who is most notably recognized for his role in Penn and Teller has written an outstanding piece for NPR entitled, "There is no God". In it he articulates his take on God in a very casual manner with a dash of humor. But what I enjoyed most was how close his opinion mirrors [...]

Gay And Muslim Equals Bad Idea

Ever wonder what happens when a gay couple with some of their closest cross-dressing friends tries to have a wedding in a hotel? Well if you’re anywhere in the civilized world, not much happens except for a few strange stares and a good time. Not a big deal you say? Well that’s true unless the [...]

What’s The Matter Mary?

Over the last couple days at a church in Sacramento, Mary has slipped in to a state of depression and began to weep openly. While the exact reason is unknown, some speculate it has to do with her son being held up in Texas. They have been searching for one another over the last several [...]

Intelligent Design Is Apparent?

Douglas Harold, a graduate student in engineering science and mechanics concludes that humans are the product of Intelligent Design (ID) because the Sphinx obviously was a product of human ID. Seriously, I don’t make this stuff up. Harold says that anyone who looks at the Sphinx can instantly tell that it was man-made and not [...]

Welcome Back Everyone

Hey everyone, hope you had a great holiday weekend and recovered from your tryptophan induced coma. I finally completed the "contact" and "about" pages. Please send me any comments or suggestions because I’d love to hear from ya. As for today’s material, I thought I would take it easy since everyone is most likely back [...]

Jesus Christ Supercop 1

Justice has a new weapon to fight crime. A man who knows no pain and has no fear. A man who can operate outside the boundries of the law and get results. That man is Jesus Christ. If you thought Dirty Harry was bad ass, think again. Click the pic and enjoy. Get the Flash [...]

Timmy’s Wish

When Timmy won’t eat dinner, his parents send him to bed hungry. Timmy is not pleased and sends off a little prayer to Jesus who answers in the most horrid way. If you’re easily offended, then leave immediately as you are a waste of bandwidth and a pimple on the ass of humanity; all others [...]

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day from!

Jesus Found In Laredo Texas

Upon hearing of his mother’s appearance in Dallas, Jesus fled Mexico and headed across the border on a pickup truck to see her. Instead of using the the ole plant pot disguise, Jesus went for the dirt on the side of the truck disguise. He made it as far as Laredo, when he was unfortunately [...]

Crazy Mad Angry Minister

I don’t know who this is or where he’s from. All I know is that he’s pissed off at homosexuals in a serious way. Wow, what a freak. The best part though is the slide show synced with the audio. A true gem indeed. Just click "more" and the show will start automatically. Get the [...]