"Yesterday’s 6-4 vote by the Kansas Board of Education was a big win for proponents of “intelligent design” – those who believe the universe is so complex that it must have been created by a higher power."

This has taken Kansas, and the US, one step closer to Oz and away from reality. This measure actually redefines the term "science" to remove it’s restriction to natural phenomena. This takes me back to my early childhood in the summer when we would have thunderstorms.  I’d ask my mom what thunder and lightning were. She would just reply that it’s God bowling and it flashed when he hit the pins. Being that I was 4, I found that answer to be quite acceptable and moved on. Other kids were told that thunder was God moving the furniture around and rain was God crying. The list goes on and on, but luckily through good use of science we’ve explained these events over time. But hundreds of years ago when science wasn’t there to explain complex events and phenomena, stories and tales were created to provide comfort. And slowly, these have been extinguished over time. Actually, this reminds me of a movie called, "The Gods Must Be Crazy" in which an African tribesman comes in contact with a Coke bottle. The entire village is amazed by the bottle and its unique properties. They assume, due to lack of knowledge, that it was a gift from the gods. Well the bottle obviously didn’t come from the gods; it was tossed out of an airplane by a pilot :) But anywho, back to business.

Christians believe God created everything. That’s great, but what about the countless other creation stories from other cultures? Should those be taught as well? Of course not, because there has to be a limit on what is taught in the classroom. What should be taught is what we have learned through observation and practice and it should be independent of religion. Save the story telling for bedtime and keep the facts in school.  Intelligent Design "theory" is an attempt from the Judeo-Christians to push their beliefs on the public and to be quite frank; it’s just another form of proselytizing because it’s specific to that religion.

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