After weeks of Christian bashing, I would like to welcome the wonderful religion of Islam to the Religious Freaks family. This story comes to us fresh from Pakistan where an angry mob of Muslims torched several churches and a Roman Catholic compound. Inside the compound the 1500 Muslims burned a priest’s house and a school.

Of course there has to be a logical explanation for this Jihad since Muslims would never act without solid intelligence. Apparently, this entire incident was sparked from a lie made by a Muslim.

Local police and the Christian community agreed on how the violence began: a Christian man had spent several days gambling with Muslim men and had won a small fortune. Embittered, his opponents spread the rumour that he had set fire to the koran mahal, a box for preserving torn pages of the Koran. Soon the alleged deed was broadcast by mullahs from mosques.

Way to go Jihad crazy without actually knowing the truth! One thing that just amazes me is what sets off a Muslim. Can someone please explain this whole desecration of the Koran thing? You don’t see Christians flying off the handle when a Bible is abused. Now I could understand if it were the original Koran, but a cheap reprint, gimme a break. And for this alone, I welcome all my Muslim friends to the Religious Freaks family and look forward to many future articles.

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