No seriously, go fly a kite in Pakistan and do some hard time. Pakistan’s Supreme Court (I didn’t think they had courts either) just upheld a ban on kite making, sellling, and flying stating that the sport had become too deadly. During the court hearing, 500 kite makers and enthusiasts assembled to protest only to be greeted by tear gas shells and baton courtesies.

Every year in Lahore Pakistan, tens of thousands of kite enthusiasts gather to celebrate their hobby by flying kites off of rooftops and fields in what is known as Basant. Last February, 19 people died and 20 were injured as a result of falling off rooftops and people using metal-lined strings.

Hard-line Muslims don’t like the festival for several reasons. They feel it’s a waste of money and has roots in Hinduism. The word Basant itself means "yellow" in Hindi. The festival is also celebrated with loud music, another no-no in Pakistan I bet.

I find this to be absolutely ridiculous on a few issues. First, it’s just a damn kite! It’s not like their having a pork festival. Sure a few people get hurt, but just pass some rules and safety measures and bingo-bango you’re good to go. Secondly, with such a ban, a lawyer representing the kite industry estimates tens of thousands of lost jobs. Lastly, this whole "Hindi" argument is just laughable. How about they call it something else like "Fly a Kite Day" or "Kite Fest".

I’m sure glad that Pakistan is one of our "allies" on the war on terror.

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