I’m taking another look at my Go Fly A Kite Muslims post because it ruffled the feathers of a few readers, which is to be expected on a site of this nature. Normally I wouldn’t, but I felt their arguments had some merit to them and needed to be explored further. I’d like to begin by addressing some of the comments made by indio, koft, and Papillon.

Indio was not pleased with my crack at the Pakistan Supreme Court nor my comment about them tolerating loud music. He went so far as to call me a Bush-voting redneck. A quick search on the net shows that a “ban” on music has been in place in many parts of Pakistan and has even driven some women to prostitution. “They have arrested video store owners, locked up singers caught performing in public, arrested musicians for “loitering” and ordered others to conceal their instruments.” While my comment may have come across as a flippant remark, it is based on fact. As for ripping on the Supreme Court, I shouldn’t even have to defend myself on that one. Banning music, allowing honour killings, and countless other injustices… you tell me with a straight face that their Supreme Court isn’t a joke. Yes, they’re making improvements, but they have a long way to go and I applaud their efforts.

Koft pointed out that I was buying into the hype and that people were attaching razor blades to the kites and engaging in kite fighting. While I agree kite fighting does take place and some people did use a metal reinforced wire, only one person died from that wire although serveral others were injured. The others were trampled to death in the crowds or fell from the rooftops of their home. While it’s very tragic, that does not justify a ban on such a popular pastime. I’m not buying into any hype, you are. You have painted this picture of razor blades flying through the sky killing people indiscriminately, when it’s just not true. My point is that any festival of that magnitude needs to have rules and regulations to ensure the safety of its patrons. A complete ban is archaic and does more harm than good. It was driven by Muslim hardliners who disapprove of the festival and not for safety reasons.

Lastly, Papillon accuses me of being insensitive towards the crowd and not understanding the plight of third world nations. Now let’s get something straight here. This website is called Religious Freaks for a reason. I give religions a hard time, not nationalities. That’s a very important distinction and I want people to understand that. My problem lies with the Muslim clerics that put pressure on government to have this festival shut down and kites banned, not with the Pakistani people.

One more note about this disaster of an article. I know that when I started this website, many people would be offended no matter how delicately I discussed the issue. So far, I felt that I have been relatively fair and open minded. What I don’t appreciate is being insulted by my readers and the hypocrisy that a few have displayed. Being called a Bush-voting redneck and insensitive is rather insulting and unjustified. But even more so, it’s the very definition of hypocrisy. Why is that I can criticize Christians all day long and nobody complains (not even the Christians), but as soon as I take a shot at Muslims, I’m suddenly a gung-ho insensitive Bush-voting redneck American hell bent on world domination? This is two-way street folks and every religion is on the table.

Your thoughts and opinions are always welcome.

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