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An Atheist’s Worst Nightmare

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (yes the one from the tv show Growing Pains) have teamed up to educate our youth with a series entitled Way of the Master. In one episode, Ray Comfort takes on Atheism and provides his viewers with the tools necessary to prove God exists. I know, you’re probably asking yourself, [...]

Vayate Speaks Up About God

On a previous post, I ended the article with the folowing… Now I know that some of my Christian readers believe that Jesus has the power to help people. What I would like to know is why does he help a few and let millions of others die? Do you truly believe that God plays [...]

Day Of Truth Counteroffensive

The Day Of Truth is among us. Come celebrate hatred an bigotry as we combat the plague that is homosexuality. In response to the Day of Silence, Christians launch their offensive to combat the homosexual agenda. However, it appears to have backfired as seen in this disturbing footage. The video seems a bit strange to [...]

Day Of Silence

As if there weren’t enough annoying special days to remember, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Secretary’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Earth Day, Arbor Day, etc.. here’s yet another for you. Today marks the 11th annual Day Of Silence. It’s a project of GLSEN or the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network in collaboration with the United [...]

Jesus Makes Surprise Appearance In Columbia

Jesus rises from the dead over Easter weekend in Chiquinquira, Columbia and scares the crap out of everyone. Late one evening, Jesus appeared on the wall of Lucila Cancelado’s home. A startled Lucila was quickly calmed when she realized it was just Jesus… or was it? To verify that this was indeed Jesus. To prove without a [...]

Westboro Baptist Church Members Are Insane Imbreeders

Behold the insanity that is the Westboro Baptist Church in all it’s glory. This interview with member, Shirley Phelps, will enterain and amaze you. She makes it quite clear that God is angry at the US for supporting homosexuality and has unleashed his fury at us. He has done so by killing our soldiers in [...]

Muslim Women All Hot And Sweaty Over Gym

In Lincoln Park Michigan, 200 Muslim women with memberships at Fitness USA are demanding seperate workout times for men and women. They have signed a petition asking the gyms to honor what they say was a promise made to them. The women are asking that the chain restore single-sex exercise days or at least put [...]

The Spirit Of Truth

You know… I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I guess the best I can do is describe it and let you fend for yourself. This is what you get when you take a black "preacher", a lot of foul language, a huge bible, and a public access tv show. Honestly, it’s [...]

Freaks, Fords, And The Gay Rodeo

Self proclaimed Christian freak James Hartline claims that a Ford dealership in southern California is promoting anti-family values by supporting The International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA). Hartline says that IGRA events typically don’t advertise as being homosexual events and that unsuspecting families could attend and be subjected to open displays of sexuality (aka affection). It [...]

Homer Proves God Doesn’t Exist

While working on a flat-tax proposal, Homer accidentally proves that God doesn’t exist and shares it with Flanders. Classic! Get the Flash Player to see this player.