Rosaline Gilbert, 34, of Gloucester England, had begun a 40 day fast on March 19 in which she consumed only water. Apparently she had been doing this for Lent, but her family is not exactly sure. Rosaline had found God 10 years ago and devoted herself completely to the man. She often referred to herself as, "a child of God." Well after 23 days on April 12, just days before Easter, Rosaline got her chance to meet with God as she died of malnutrition.

One has to wonder what was going through this girl’s head. Her friends and family had described her as, "intelligent, bubbly and fashionable." I’d like to add ignorant, naive, and selfish to the list as well. Killing yourself in the name of the Lord is insane, no matter how devout you are. It is also a very selfish act that to me is inexcusable. If life is such a precious gift from God, than why would one disrespect that gift by endangering oneself?

I have seen many stories about people fasting for various reasons and would like someone to please help me understand it.

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