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Church Lady And Pat Robertson

Enjoy this vintage Saturday Night Live clip of the Church Lady interviewing Pat Robertson.  Pat discusses his role as a televangelist, presidential candidate, and overall freak. He all touches up on UFOs and Hitler’s brain. Enjoy! Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Jesus Loves Porn Stars

Every once in a while a few Christian freaks break ranks and exhibit something extraordinary… common sense. It is my pleasure to report that I have found one of these rare instances! I am truly proud to bring you the story of Pastors Craig Gross and Mike Foster. Together these two have created XXXChurch, an [...]

Take This Hijab And Shove It!

WARNING: This post is nothing more than a rant. The sole pupose of this piece is to share my honest opinion without logic and/or reasoning :) Itanshi, one of Religious Freaks finest citizens, sent me this link on Friday. Go ahead and take a peek, I’ll wait. For those too lazy to look, it’s a [...]

God Is A Deadbeat Father?

Three sisters in Iverness, Scotland had what is quite possibly the most insane insurance policy known to man. For fear of being impregnated by God and left to raise the Christ child alone, they had a policy with Essex-based to pay them £1m just in case. This would cover the basics like clothing, food, [...]

Apocalypse Now!

Ever since man has tainted this beautiful planet, prophets and religious freaks alike have predicted the end of the world. Thus far all have failed, so they are taking matters in to their own hands. Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all trying to speed up the the second coming to bring about the end. Recently [...]

All Hail Hanuman, The Monkey Man

Thousands of Indians are traveling to an impoverished village in West Bengal to worship the incarnation of the Hindu god Hanuman, a monkey god of sorts. The faithful not only believe this 27 year-old man named Chandre Oraon is a god, but they also swear that his tail possesses magical healing abilities. Oraon has an [...]

First Baptist Church Endorses

Here’s a pretty flattering endorsement from the First Baptist Church down in Georgia. It fills me with pride to know that is winning over the hearts and minds of the world, one community at a time. God bless you all :)

Catholic School Girls In Trouble

Christian girls at the Millais school in West Sussex England claim they are being discriminated against for their faith in Christianity. Well to be exact, it’s their choice of jewelry. Several Christian girls have chosen to remain chaste and are wearing a purity ring to symbolize this mistake choice. Sounds simple, but the school has [...]

Move Over Infidel Barbie, It’s Fulla Time

For years, Muslim girls have suffered under the tyranny of Barbie with her skimpy clothes, unrealistic figure, and corrupt Western ideals. There have been many attempts to dethrone this little vixen, but all have failed… that is until now. First there was Moroccan Barbie, a feeble attempt by Mattel to further infiltrate the Islamic regime. [...]

Happy Father’s Day!

I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day… even you God ;) Photo: Curtesy of Landover Baptitst Church