In a desperate attempt to save his beloved church, Fr Malcolm Hunter will sleep on the roof for 10 nights. In doing so, he hopes to raise £100,000 for necessary repairs to the St Michael’s Church in Camden Town, London.

The chuch is home to various needy people including asylum-seekers, the elderly, homeless people, Bengali children and people with special needs. Around 3000 people pass through the church weekly. Some come for the free hot tea, while others come for the shelter.

And for those who think Hunter won’t be roughing it, think again. The priest will be some 22 meters above the ground and without blankets. As for hygiene and food, he’ll use the same facilities as the homeless people in the shelter.

I like seeing stories of this nature. It’s good to see priests sleeping for a real cause and not with little boys for pleasure . For a brief moment I forget about all the idiotic causes like gay marriage, creationism, etc… and I see true compassion and a desire to attack real issues. Helping the homeless, mentally ill, and the forgotten is a noble cause in my book.

Rock on Fr Malcolm Hunter, you’re one righteous freak brother!

Complete story here.

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