Dave from TruthForFree.com left this comment in the About page and I felt that it might not get the attention that it deserves. Have a read and share your thoughts. Thanks Dave!

Hey there Gasmonso, I have to say that I’ve enjoyed some of what I’ve watched and read on the site (especially the church lady videos – hehe) and, though I don’t agree with everything I’ve seen here, I don’t get the vibe that you are being intentionally harsh in your perspective. There is a ton of lunacy in today’s “Christian Church”. I agree with that 100% and, guess what; I’m a believer in Jesus myself. Personally, I prefer to call today’s version of Christianity “Churchianity” because it has almost nothing to do with biblical Christianity. Today’s “churchianity” is all about the organization of religion (something that even God isn’t interested in and something that Jesus never came to build). When Jesus walked the earth the Old Testament was the Covenant in force and supplemented by an earthly Temple and an entire system of institutionalized, organized religion. That “system” was fulfilled in Christ – In other words, Jesus brought a total END to organized religion. Since that time, organized religion has never been God’s interest or method for how He interacts with humanity.

The central focus of most Christians is “church world”. Virtually every activity they engage in is to feed that system of religion. Their efforts and finances are dumped into these massive money pit institutions. Somehow they get a sense of accomplishment, spiritual pride and think they are really earning points with God for participating. Rather than invest their time and finances in actual lives (which is the way of Christ Himself), their time and money goes to build bigger buildings and maintain them (such as paying to air condition a sanctuary that sits empty most of the week). Money goes to pay salaries of ministers they see as priests (whether they’re Catholic or not – most Christians expect a man to mediate their relationship with God and tell them what to do), but Jesus’ way is to come to God directly through Him (that’s why He died on the cross) and Jesus taught that it was inconsistent for a man to serve for money and ministry. In other words, the idea to salary preachers is a human invention that goes against the lifestyle that Jesus taught and demonstrated. In fact, Jesus told His followers not to be called “leaders” or “fathers” or assume any position of authority over each other because we are all brothers having the same Heavenly Father and Jesus is to be the only Leader we (who are Christians) follow.

Most Christians today have completely forgotten that Jesus said that HE would build HIS Church. Yet, somehow, they think this is now their job to take over. Not only have they taken it over, they have changed virtually every meaning in the Bible to support their traditions. Did you know that the word “church” is not even in the original text of Scripture? It’s 100% true! That word was added centuries later by religious leaders who wanted to turn men’s focus from God and His people to buildings and hierarchical church leaders.

Some of my “Protestant” Christian friends would be shocked to discover that virtually everything they do in church Sunday morning is a product derived from Roman Catholicism (a religion they think they are so different from). And as far as Catholicism goes, most of its requirements have absolutely no origin in Scripture either and many practices are actually derived from pagan practices and influences. Protestants and Catholics are in virtually the same boat and it’s a boat that God did not build. They did!

These will be offensive words to some believers because they will think I am attacking Christianity. I am not. I am exposing the myth of CHURCHianity. This is the fraud that so many Christians think is Christianity. I guarantee you that if you were witness to true Christianity in action, it would look nothing like traditional organized religion and you would be compelled by it, not repulsed. That is because true Christianity functions through sincere love, not manipulation, control or judgmental attitudes. Real Christianity is represented by people who understand that it is God’s job to change hearts, not theirs. Too many Christians are quick and ready to lop off heads for sin, while they forget that God forgave them of theirs! They still want sinners to suffer hell and pay. But justice belongs to God, not man and He knows the hearts whereas we cannot see into people’s hearts.

I look forward to a day when more Christians actually consider more seriously whose name they bear and therefore put off all this nonsense of religionizing. I have a hard time calling myself a Christian even because I know I am still so far from looking like Jesus. But I am a follower of His. I do believe in Him and His message. I have been born again and am not ashamed of Him. But I relate to the frustration so many have with organized religion and typical modern “Christianity” because I have so many of the exact same frustrations with it.

Thanks for allowing me to share this. Thanks for the humor today. God bless.


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