I was reading this article when I found myself laughing midway through. In summary, Danish Muslim groups are pressing the United Nations anti-racism panel to examine whether the Danish government’s response to cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad violated an international anti-racism treaty. The publication of the caricatures, they argued, "has fed and will likely continue to feed violent protests around the world leading to more deaths, bodily injury, and property destruction."

Now I covered these caricatures early on before the major media and have received and continue to receive countless comments on that post. In addition I also posted a brief summary on the Muslim response which I felt was completely without merit. I never posted an official opinion on the matter because I grew weary with the immense stupidity of the topic as it exploded into caricatures of Jesus and Jews and the holocaust.

Now that the smoke has somewhat settled, the article above has driven me to address the topic for the last time. I did a little research and ran across this video. Go ahead and watch it. The man on the radio is Neal Boortz, a Talk Show Radio host in Atlanta,Georgia, and he took this phone call back in February when the cartoon frenzy was in full effect.

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Now, while I do admit that Boortz is a little too right-wing for my tastes, he does make some very valid points. Muslims have proven to be a very violent organization in recent years. A quick trip here will give you a decent summary. Obviously, these incidents are not representitive of the majority, but their silent response is. Muslims have sat idle as many people and countries have commited attrocities in the name of Islam. A quick analysis of the points in the video ring true for all the ones I have checked. The most shocking one to me by far was the one where he claimed Muslim officials block the exit where school girls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed. I actually dug that one up here and was shocked.

Now as difficult as I think it will be… I want to hear your opinion on Islam. Are they deaf, dumb, and blind with respects to the attrocities commited in the name of Islam and Muhammad?

Now please read this carefully: I DO NOT want this to turn into a jihad against Muslims. Keep your racist and hateful comments to yourself. And if you are Muslim, please post comments in english so we can all read them. My Turkish isn’t so good these days ;)

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