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Rent-A-Priest On The Cheap!

With the advent of the Internet, businesses and individuals alike have adapted by offering products and services online. I thought I’ve seen it all until I ran across Rent-A-Priest. Yes, this is an actual site that offers individuals the opportunity to rent a Catholic priest for whatever reasons you may have. Now this brings me [...]

Jesus Made It Look So Easy!

Ever think to yourself, "If Jesus can walk on water, then so can I!"? No? Well me neither, but evangelist preacher Franck Kabele felt differently. He told his congregation that he too could walk on water like his pal Jesus did. Franck was convinced that if one has enough faith, one can walk on water. [...]

Merkel Unveils Plan For Fourth Reich

Over the last few years, the US has been struggling with the public adoption of religion, specifically Christianity. With everything from prayer in public schools to removing Ten Commandment monuments from public buildings. There’s gay marriage, intelligent design, "In God We Trust" on the currency and so forth. The list goes on and on as [...]

Good Evening Godless Sodomites

Steven Colbert decided to liven up the 2006 Emmys by calling the audience a bunch of Godless Sodomites. He continued to poke fun at the Emmys, Hollywood, and losing to Barry Manilow. Both these guys are at the top of their game and I hope they stick around for awhile. This is a great clip [...]

Katherine Harris, Christian Freak Or MILF?

You know you’ve gone too far when the Republican party shuns you for being "too" Christian. This is exactly what has happened to U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris of Florida. Harris is a flaming Christian that believes separation of church and state is a fallacy and it is God who ultimately chooses our rulers. In an [...]

Christian Freak Comic Strip Attacks Sunday Paper

Just when I thought Sunday comics couldn’t get any worse, along comes the piece de resistance… “Heaven’s Love Thrift Shop.” This strip is the creation of Kevin Frank who claims that the goal of this comic is to simply remind people that there is a God and that he loves you. Awwww, isn’t that nice [...]

The Most Powerful PJs In The Universe!!!!111

Christian kids have a lot to worry about these days. First, you have a war with Islam to deal with and that whole mess. Then you have the homosexuals trying to get equal rights and evil scientists wanting federal funding for stem cell research. I mean seriously, the US can’t afford stem cell research. We [...]

Milk, It Does A Hindu Idol Good

This story was too good to pass up on. Over the last few days in India, Hindu statues have apparently been drinking milk by the liter in temples all over. Millions of devout followers have stormed the temples with milk causing shortages in many places. Now I find this fascinating on several fronts. First, this [...]

Sean Dietrich

A few days ago I received an email from a rather soft-spoken musician named Sean Dietrich. He had some kind words to say about the site and wanted to share his music with everyone. Ah Ha! I thought… This is nothing more than a sales pitch. I went to his website to check it out [...]

Evolution? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Evolution!

I know that the evolution/creationism battle has been somewhat overplayed on this site, but this article pointed out to me from Emma really got me going. Jon Miller of Michigan State University in East Lansing conducted a survey of 32 European countries along with the US and Japan. The survey consisted of one very simple [...]