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Evolution Schmevolution!

Posted By gasmonso On August 3, 2006 @ 7:38 am In IED,Video Clips | 28 Comments

While I sort out the 10,000 comments from the Fairy Tale Museum [1] post, have a look at this outstanding clip from the Daily Show. A while back they did a 4 part series on the battle of Evolution vs Creationism in the US. What I found facinating was their coverage of the John Scopes Monkey Trial [2], which I was not aware of. Do yourself a favor and read all about it because it really pertains to today.

If you’ve missed this series, have a good look. But be warned because it’s long… real long, like over 40 minutes. It’s perfect though if you’re sitting at work and need something to break the monotony :) Enjoy!

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