just askSince publishing the Muhammed caricatures February, let’s just say I haven’t been in the good graces of Muslims. I received many death threats, tons of hate mail, and messages I couldn’t even read, nor care to. But in the end there was one Muslim, ironicly named Muhammed, who has contacted me not to voice anger, but to share knowledge.

Muhammed is from Karachi, Pakistan where he lived for 25 years. 5 years ago he came to the US and currently resides in the Muslim loving state of Texas :) Muhammed is a self-described liberal staying in the confines of Islam. He is well-versed in all the current conflicts involving Muslims and is no fan of Israel.

I asked Muhammed if he would be kind enough to answer any questions that we may have. He promptly agreed so let’s give it a go. Just leave your questions in the comment section. Feel free to ask him anything about recent conflicts, Islamic traditions, woman’s rights, the Koran, and whatever else you are curious to know. Once we have enough questions, I’ll send them off to Muhammed to answer. When he’s done, I’ll setup a section for people to read and comment on his responses.

All I ask is that you refrain from insulting comments or abusive language. That hasn’t been a problem on here for the most part and I appreciate that!


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