Hey everyone, I received the responses to your questions from Muhammed this weekend. I posted the answers in a new section called, Just Ask! You can read more about that when you get there. Muhammed answered 10 of your questions and left some unanswered because he had to leave for a few weeks on vacation. So while he’s gone go ahead and give’em a good reading beacuse I’m sure you’ll have even more questions and comments for when he returns.

I think this went quite well so far and I would love to have others of various faiths, including Atheists, to take questions from readers. If you’re interested, please contact me to arrange for a future Q/A session.

On another note… I have been working on a religious questionnaire of sorts on and off for the last month or so. I am nearing completion and will make an announcement when complete. I encourage everyone to look out for it and participate. It will be an ongoing questionnaire that will last as long as this site does. I hope to gather an enormous amount of information regarding one another’s faith on a very personal level to foster more discussions and expand our knowledge even further.

Until then, keep submitting stories, asking questions, and leaving comments. I have really enjoyed things thus far and am thoroughly pleased with everyone’s participation. I never thought it was possible to discuss religion in a civilized manner, but you guys have proven me wrong. Thanks!


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