Hindu Milk MiracleThis story was too good to pass up on. Over the last few days in India, Hindu statues have apparently been drinking milk by the liter in temples all over. Millions of devout followers have stormed the temples with milk causing shortages in many places.

Now I find this fascinating on several fronts. First, this is much different than the usual Jesus or Mary sightings that we have here in the US. Occasionally we have the statue of Mary that weeps, but this is different as it appears to happen at many places and was verified by thousands. The first thing that came to mind was where are the pictures or video of this "miracle"? Well I have found one and it’s quite fascinating. Go ahead and give it a whirl!

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Secondly, I was blown away by people’s acceptance of this event as a miracle or a sign from God. Scientists were quick to point out that this is nothing more than surface tension and capillary action at work. But followers will here none of that as it diminishes their personal miracle. It seems that people just want to believe so bad that all logic and reason is just carelessly discarded. This incident should be viewed through sharp contrasts in education among India’s billion-plus people. Abhilasha Kumari, a sociologist in New Dehli, said it best…

Many people in India straddle two different worlds one world of scientific education and high-tech jobs versus another steeped in their centuries-old beliefs in supernatural phenomena. And they see no contradiction in this.

I’d love to hear from some readers in India on this. Do you believe this was a miracle or science in action?

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