angry priestWith the advent of the Internet, businesses and individuals alike have adapted by offering products and services online. I thought I’ve seen it all until I ran across Rent-A-Priest. Yes, this is an actual site that offers individuals the opportunity to rent a Catholic priest for whatever reasons you may have. Now this brings me to my next point. What for?

Quite simply there is a shortage of Catholic priests. According to the U.S. Conference of Bishops study, Twenty-seven percent of U.S. parishes lack a resident priest. This can be problematic if you have a weeding, funeral, or baptism just around the corner. Now of course I wouldn’t hire one as a baby sitter, especially for little boys, but for anything else it’s a great idea. But why the shortage?

The Catholic church runs a tight ship. They won’t allow priests who are married or gay. Of course pedophiles are always welcome for some reason. The Catholic church also bans outdoor weddings because heaven forbid you get married outside, in all of God’s splendor. They’d rather you get married in a man-made building. Stupid indeed.

I can see why the Catholic church wouldn’t allow gay priests. After all, homosexuals are evil doers that eat babies for breakfast and kill puppies for sport. But why the problem with married priests? Catholicism preaches marriage, but doesn’t practice it? Weird.

Honestly, I hope this trend continues as it only hurts Catholics and exposes their ignorance to the world.

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