Just askWhile Christian answers your questions on Baha’i, we switch gears to Islam. If you’ve been reading the comments lately, then you definitely have come across Mohamed. He is a faithful Muslim and eagerly shares his interesting, albeit controversial views…

Islam freed the world from slavery, and Islam is the reason for all the technology and the advances in this world, when the west in dark ages. –Mohamed

a touch of sarcasm…

Nuclear attack on Japan, I don’t think it’s terrorist attack, killing 200 thousands people of civilians wasn’t terrorist attack, putting African in slavery was so civilized, USA killing, raping and torturing Iraqi and secret prisons all over the world not terrorism. –Mohamed

Love him or hate him, I decided to contact Mohamed. He agreed to answer your questions about Islam and religion in general. Mohamed, a self described moderate Muslim, was born and raised in Egypt. He lived in North Carolina for 2 years, and now resides in Utah where he has spent the last 3 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and in his spare time he enjoys watching the NBA, NFL, and college football.

PLEASE, ONLY POST QUESTIONS TO MOHAMED. Save your comments for when he answers.

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