marilyn musgrave nazi bitchRep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO), the lead sponsor of the constitutional ban on gay marriage in the House ran her fat mouth off this weekend at the Family Research Council’s "Value Voter Summit." She claims that gay marriage is not only a cultural war, but it is the most important issue that we face today.

And of course she had to instill a little fear into her audience by declaring, "The future is grim unless we do what we need to do to win this battle." But wait, what about the children? It seems that every politician is out to save our children from heavy metal, video games, and fast food. Surely, homosexuals with their good fashion sense, and pleasant demeanor must pose a threat to the children! Well thank God Marilyn is on the right track…

…and we need to fight the good fight for our children and our grandchildren. Thank you very much.

What threat they pose she didn’t mention, but thank the good Lord Jesus that we have people like her in Congress. People that stick up for the little guy. People that fight for freedom and justice. People that keep the American spirit alive!

God bless you Marilyn Musgrave and a big Heil Hitler to you honey!

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