cashing in on jesusWhen Catholic priests aren’t molesting your kids; their taking your money. Here we have two Roman Catholic priests, Monsignor John Skehan and Rev. Francis Guinan, that have spent the last 5 years stealing from the faithful. Over that time-span they managed to rack up over $8.6 million for which they used on various personal endeavors. Skehan, the more reserved of the two, wasted his money on real estate… boring! Guinan on the other hand decided to toss his morals out the door completely. He went to Sin City and hit the casinos! My guess is that he probably had a few escorts, but what do I know. $8.6 can buy an awful lot of escorts though.

Stories like this just keep me in stitches. I know a few people that sign over 5-10% of their income to the church and it makes me wonder how they can be so damn ignorant. From observation, it seems that people do it for one of two reasons. First, they want that 1st class ticket to heaven. Second, they want to feel good about themselves. They think that because of their money, someone less fortunate is being helped.

Here’s how I look at it. If you’re serious and truly passionate about helping others, then get your ass of the couch and do it. There are opportunities in every city. Go to a soup kitchen and help out. Be a big brother/sister. Volunteer at the local Boys and Girls Club. Put some time in at Habitat for Humanity. Instead of taking your 10th trip to Disney, go to a village in Africa and make a difference. Hell, just go to the inner city near you and make a difference.

But most won’t do this because they truly don’t care about others. They give money out of guilt and they want to buy a clear conscience on the cheap.

Thanks for this one Itanshi!

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