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Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva

Here is an outstanding, dare I say beautiful, performance by a very unique group of performers known as the Chinese Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe. A mouthful indeed. This troupe consists of about 21 men and women with hearing and visual impairment or physical disability. They have dazzled audiences in over 40 countries since 1987. [...]

Open Forum Numero Uno

Hey everyone! Today I thought I’d try an open forum. I’ve enjoyed them on other sites so let’s give it a go :) Feel free to talk about anything whether relgious or not. If you wanna pimp your site or some other one, go ahead… just don’t be obnoxious. If you have any cool news [...]

Beware Michael Moore’s Sodomobile!

Now, I want to clarify one thing right off the bat here. I do not like Michael Moore anymore than I do George Bush. They are both nut-jobs on the political spectrum with Moore way to the left and Bush way to the right. Now with that said I have to give Moore mad props [...]

Pope Vs Islam Cartoons

This should come as no surprise to anyone. Cartoons depicting the latest Muslim craze over the Pope’s comments are turning up at a frantic pace. Here is where you will find a permanent home for the cartoons that will grow with time so keep checking :) Here’s a good one to get you started.

Kick @ss New Features For You!

Hi eveyone! I just wanted to take a few minutes to share some new features: * ReligiousFreaks Answering Machine – Here’s your chance to let gasmonso have it. Add ‘ReligiousFreaks’ to your Skype Contacts. Start a call and an answering machine will pick up. Leave comments, complaints, death threats, or anything you want :) If [...]

Nun Slain, Churches Burn–Muslims Demand Sincere Apology

Muslim anger over the Pope’s recent speech has elevated to a new level. An Italian nun was shot and killed by gunmen in Somalia at a Children’s hospital in an apparent revenge attack. Seven churches were torched in the West Bank and Gaza, and the Mujahidin Army has threatened a suicide attack on the Vatican. [...]

Camp Out–Where It’s Ok To Drop The Soap

Hats off to The Right Reverend Rabbi Judah for dropping this one on my lap. Check out his site if you haven’t already! Now back to business… Grab your ankles folks because we have another Bible camp documentary coming your way. Move over Jesus Camp, here comes Camp Out, the world’s first and only documentary [...]

Pope Angers Muslims–Forecast Calls For Riots

While in Germany at Regensburg University, Pope Benedict wanted to explore the historical and philosophical differences between Islam and Christianity, and the relationship between violence and faith. Although he meant well it didn’t go over so smooth. The problems started when he saw it fit to quote Emperor Manual II Paleologos of the Byzantine Empire. [...]

Jesus Ain’t Never Drove!

Looks like those student newspapers are up to no good again showing off their freedom of expression :) Some, Godless, puppy killing, mother hating, baby smacking, drug using, jaywalking, non-taxpaying, un-American students have drawn a few cartoons and stirred up a hornets nest. On Aug 23-24, the University of Virginia’s Cavalier Daily newspaper published 3 [...]

Just Ask A Baha’i

In this installment of Just Ask!, I was approached by a gentleman named Christian of the Baha’i faith. Knowing nothing of Baha’i, he gladly filled me in on the basics. I found it quite interesting and thought others would be curious to learn more from someone in the know. Please leave your questions in the [...]