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gasmonso Is Alive

Hey everyone, I know things have been a little slow on the site and I apologize. Between work, family, and answering your questions for Just Ask! I’ve been swamped. But have no fear because the storm is almost over. Look forward to more posts very soon (hopefully Tuesday) Until then please discuss any issues or [...]

Thank Allah I’m A Jihad Boy

Yesterday was a milestone for American Right-wing music enthusiasts everywhere. Popular radio show host Rusty Humphries released his album "Thank Allah I’m A Jihad Boy" which pokes fun at Islamic terrorists by using parody songs. These beauties include "Last Train to Kooksville",  "Roll Over Appeasers", and many others. What’s interesting about these songs is that [...]

Jews Try To Construct Great Wall Of Stupidity

How I missed this one, I’ll never know. So thanks to The Right Reverend Rabbi Judah for the tip. A group of Orthodox Jews in Los Angeles is trying to erect an eruv near a synagogue on Venice Beach’s boardwalk. An eruv is essentially a magic enclosure that allows Orthodox Jews to circumvent certain oppressive [...]

Muslim Cleric Fits Both Feet In His Mouth

In a stunning display of stupidity, Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric has managed to trump the Pope’s previous words of wisdom. During a sermon this Ramadan, Sheikh Taj el-Din al-Hilali addressed 500 worshippers to share his wisdom on women and the hijab. The beauty and eloquence of his words brought a tear to my eye [...]

Just Ask! gasmonso

Hey everyone, the 1-year anniversary for Religious Freaks is upon us and I’d like to offer myself to the altar :) Feel free to ask me questions on anything such as religion, work, life, etc. Just ask your questions in the comments section. At the end of this week, I’ll answer them best I can [...]

God Calling The Shots At Whitehouse

Now here’s a story that scares the bejesus out of me and hopefully you. This roots of this story date back to June 2003 when a top-level meeting between Bush and the Palestinians took place. Nabil Shaath, who was the Palestinian foreign minister at the time, recalls this: President Bush said to all of us: [...]

Jews Claim Homo Parade Started War With Lebanon

As we all know, homosexuals are responsible for everything that is wrong with the universe. I covered that extensively, so I won’t beat a dead horse. However, I would like to add one more to the list. We’ll actually I’m not adding it, the ultra-Orthodox Jews, known as the Haredi, are the ones this time. [...]

Gay Police Association Lashes Out At Christians

Before I get started, yes there’s such a thing as the British Gay Police Association. Go ahead and get the laughs out… There ya go. Ok, can we move on now? Back in June, the GPA displayed this ad in the British Newspaper "The Independent". The goal was to claim that there was a 74% [...]

The Complete Works Of Charles Darwin Free Online

Here is a fantastic resource for people of all faiths. It is an online compilation of Charles Darwin’s works. There are enough text and audio resources to keep one busy for months. Here’s is the description taken directly from the site: This site currently contains more than 50,000 searchable text pages and 40,000 images of [...]

Lord Spanky Speaketh Of Creation And Evolution

Lord Spanky has once again punished his keyboard with an enormous response to my post on Richard Dawkins. I offer it to you in its unedited form and eagerly await your comments. Begin Commentary: This post will outline not evidence against evolution, but in favor of creation. I’m a firm believer that this whole debate [...]