happy birthday peanuts gangJust when I was finally getting over that Jehovah Witness who refused a blood transfusion after giving birth, along comes this story.

Sabrina Balentine, 19, was working at a Razzoo’s restaurant in Mesquite Texas. We all know the type of place. Young, good looking waitresses who walk around with permanent smiles serving up drinks and singing Happy Birthday every five minutes to some poor sap.

What employers didn’t know is that Sabrina is a proud, card-carrying member of the Jehovah’s Witness cult. And as such, she is not allowed to sing the devilish Happy Birthday song; not to herself or anyone else for that matter. Sabrina, as does the rest of her wacky clan, claims that the Bible forbids celebrating birthdays and many holidays. Her employers suggested that she could just clap and leave the singing to the others. But even that somehow is against her beliefs.

Make a long story short… Sabrina won’t follow company policy. Company tries to compromise. Sabrina is offended. Sabrina claims she was discriminated. Sabrina is terminated. Company claims she left willingly.

If you can’t perform the duties at your job for whatever reason, including religion… then get the hell out. You have no right to a job in which you are unwilling to perform the required tasks. It’s that simple and I have absolutely no respect for your religion when you bring it to work with you.

I think the next time my employer asks me to travel out of the country for business, I’ll say that airplanes are against my beliefs and that an elegant cruise is in order. Oh wait, I’d be fired in a heartbeat for not performing my tasks like a normal human being. And to be honest, I would have no issue with that. Look at it from the company’s standpoint. They are hiring people without knowledge of their personal and religious beliefs. The least they could expect is that the person applying has a clue as to what the business does and requires of them. Is it possible that this brainwashed 19-year-old cult freak didn’t realize that the restaurant does birthday celebrations? Sure, but it doesn’t matter. She was asked to perform a task and would not do it. Fine, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

And now this crap is going to makes its way through the legal system? Shame on her.

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