hell house trinity church cedar hillThanks to EvangelicalRight for exposing me to the whole concept of hell house.

Every year at this time, the Trinity Church in Cedar Hill Texas takes the haunted house to the next level. Scared yet? Ok, then add the weirdest, freakiest, scariest material you’ve seen. Scared now? Well, then add a huge dose of Christianity to it. Ah Ha! Now I know you’re scared.

hell house trinity church cedar hillNow make no mistake, Trinity Church is not doing this to get in the Halloween spirit. They have one goal in mind and that is to save as many kids as possible from the eternal flames of hell. While it may sound funny to you and me, I can assure you that they are über serious.

They elaborately portray various sins in a very graphic and realistic manner. These sins include a girl having an abortion, taking drugs, suicide, and of course homosexuality. The goal here is to scare that absolute sh!t our of these kids so they will cling tightly to a life of religion.

hell house trinity church cedar hillWords can’t describe it. It has been made into a documentary and a Broadway play if you can believe it. It’s very powerful and very well done. Take a look for yourself. These videos are taken from Hell House a Documentary Film. There are 5 videos to choose from so be sure to see them all. This years Hell House is hosted on yet another site. It’s very professionally done and contains a trailer that I do not have here. So go take a peek for another taste of this crazy Christian acid trip.

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