muslim taxi driverIn Melbourne, Muslim cabbies are refusing to service blind passengers with their guide dogs or any individual carrying alcohol.

Of the 10,000 cabbies in Melbourne, 2,000 are Muslim and most of them come from countries where they learned strict Islamic behavior. So essentially 20% of all cabbies are Muslim. That means a blind person, or a person coming home from the liquor store, has a 1 in 5 chance of being stood up at the curb. But why the madness?

Islamic teachings portray the dog as a filthy animal and warn Muslims against contact. Now while these teachings may have been relevant 1,000 years ago when sanitary conditions were worse, times have changed. Not only that, but these aren’t homeless flea ridden dogs that roam the streets eating out of garbage cans. They are professionally trained dogs that live in a home with their owner. One sane Muslim driver, Imran, said yesterday the guide dog issue was difficult for him.

I don’t refuse to take people, but it’s hard for me because my religion tells me I should not go near dogs.

The fact that these Muslims are so crippled by their beliefs is sickening. Instead of thinking for themselves, they let someone else do it for them. As for the alcohol ban in cabs, we’re not talking about drunken people tossing pints around and puking in the back of the cab. They will refuse service to anyone carrying a closed bottle of alcohol. Absurd is an understatement.

While I respect their beliefs, I do not respect their inability to think for themselves. I do not respect their lack of education as an excuse to discriminate against others. If your religion tells you to do something or behave a certain way, maybe it’s about time you start asking why. Just because a book simply states something, doesn’t mean you can’t ask why.

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