richard dawkinsRichard Dawkins is a British ethologist, an evolutionary theorist, and an established writer. He is an outspoken Atheist and religion’s chief prosecutor. In his latest book, The God Delusion, Dawkins attacks religion and argues the existence of God.

His views have been seen as extreme in some circles, but I just see them as educated, honest and open. Check out this recent interview with Salon magazine to get a flavor for Dawkins. I guarantee you will read the entire article. But just in case you’re still not interested, here’s a sample…

I think there’s something very evil about faith, where faith means believing in something in the absence of evidence, and actually taking pride in believing in something in the absence of evidence.

Here’s his views on teaching children about God…

But to teach children that it is a fact that there is one god or that God created the world in six days, that is child abuse.

I encourage everyone to read the interview before posting your comments. As for me… I’m ordering the book as I find Dawkins absolutely fascinating.

What about you? Is he a science crackpot, or genius?

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