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A Very Merry Unauthorized Children’s Scientology Pageant

In the past I’ve said that I wouldn’t cover Scientology for various reasons, the least of which is the possibility of legal threats. There are already sites that cover the whole strange cult behavior and mysterious occurrences surrounding Scientology. Then there are the sites that cover stuff like Tom Cruise jumping up and down on [...]

Islamic Sign Creators Association Greets Pope In Turkey

The Turkish chapter of the Islamic Sign Creators Association (ISCA) overwhelmed the Pope during his historic visit to Turkey this week. The Pope was initially filled with joy, but that quickly subsided when he got a close look at the poor craftsmanship, confusing statements, and blatant plagiarism. For example, one clever person held a sign [...]

Burqini–Muslim-Tested, Muhammed-Approved!

Fine Muslim women everywhere are rejoicing at the latest Islamic clothing innovation known affectionately as the Burqini (Burqa + Bikini). Gone are the days of having to wear your cumbersome Burqa to the beach and attracting unwanted stares. Thanks to Ahiida, Muslim women can head to the beach in style with several respectable garments that [...]

Darwin Is The Root Of All Evil

Last week, Scott tipped me off to this article and it got me thinking a little. The author claims that while religion has killed many people throughout history (Crusades, Spanish Inquisition, etc) it is peanuts compared to Atheism. The author states: In the name of creating their version of a religion-free utopia, Adolf Hitler, Joseph [...]

Henry Asta La Vista Homosexuals

In response to an earlier post about homosexuality in nature, I received a very strong comment from Henry Asta. Now we’ve discussed this issue before, but read Henry’s comments… they are somewhat frightening and provide a little insight into the mind of a hard-core Christian. I’d like someone to point out what’s wrong with homosexuality [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

US Airways — Fly With US*

Here’s a story that that shows just how deep fear mongering has been embedded in the good ole US of A. Here’s a quick summary for those unaware. Six Muslim imams were removed from a US Airways flight departing out of St. Paul, Minneapolis and questioned for several hours. These dangerous and unruly individuals were [...]

John Safran Takes Atheism On The Road, Mormon Style!

Enough people have brought this one to my attention (Olivier & Tiberiu come to mind), so I thought I’d put it up :) John Safran is an Australian comedian of sorts, known for his outlandish stunts and documentaries. Most notable was his 2004 series entitled "John Safran Vs God", where he traveled the globe battling [...]

Christians In The Buff

Arktis brought this humorous story to my attention about one Christian’s crusade to create a 104-acre nudist colony near Belton, South Carolina. While the project is not going over so well with the locals, I wanted to explore the issue a little more. Upon a little Googling, I discovered an interesting Christian group called "Naturist [...]

Muhammad Yunus On The Daily Show

In case you’ve been living under a rock, like I have, here’s a clip of Muhammad Yunus on the Daily Show. Muhammad is a Muslim born in Bangladesh who has recently won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank and it’s concept of microcredit. Microcredit extends small loans to poor people who [...]