ted haggard horrible daily showWhen this story first broke, I was almost sure that is was fake. With elections and all just around the corner I figured this was just another ploy to turn people away from voting Republican (which is not a bad idea). First, Haggard just admitted to buying drugs, then he said there was a massage or two. But when his accuser failed the polygraph I was devastated. I kept the faith though and was rewarded with a full confession by Haggard. So not only was it true, but the icing on the cake is that his accuser outed him because of Haggard’s hypocrisy towards homosexuals. That’s like going on a blind date all nervous only to be greeted by a gorgeous woman and then finding out she’s a contortionist.

I will admit that I dropped the ball on reporting this story. When I first saw it I thought that I was on to something exclusive, but a visit to CNN, MSNBC, and every other news site proved me wrong. It was everywhere and I felt that I had nothing else to add to it, not thinking that you guys would be full of comments. So for that I am sorry. And as a token of forgiveness I present to you this clip from John Stewart summarizing this entire scandal.

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