rwanda church genocideIt’s hard to believe that the Rwandan Genocide happened 12 years ago. If you are unaware of the incident I can’t stress the importance of learning about it. A good source of course is wikipedia, pbs, and gendercide.

But here’s a very quick and over-simplified synopsis. There are two major tribes in Rwanda, the Tutsis and the Hutus. The Hutus shot down the President’s plane and launched a campaign to rid themselves of the Tutsis. Over the course of 100 days, they killed roughly 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus, most by machete. The entire world watched from the sidelines as this genocide unfolded right before our eyes.

The criminal investigations from this horrible incident still continue to this day which is not too surprising. What is surprising however, are some of the people convicted for aiding the Hutus in this genocide.

The latest conviction goes to a Roman Catholic nun named Theophister Mukakibibi who worked at the National University Hospital during the genocide. According to court records, the nun selected Tutsis sheltered in the hospital and threw them outside to the militias. Witnesses also reported that the nun held meetings with the militiamen and was even escorted by an army officer during the killings.

Sadly, Mukakibibi is not the only Catholic nun found guilty of this unforgivable act. Two other Catholic nuns, Julienne Mukabutera and Consolata Mukangango, were found guilty in a Belgian court for even worse acts. They helped provide the fuel to burn 500-700 Tutsis trapped in a health care centre garage that lie adjacent to the convent amongst other heinous acts.

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