michael gromekI couldn’t help but laugh when I read this story. When I was in high school, we had foreign exchange students coming and going all the time. A good friend of mine had joined the program and went off to Germany for several months where he had a truly memorable time. For the most part it’s a great program that affords teenagers to opportunity to get out of their element and experience new things. This couldn’t be truer for a Polish student named Michael Gromek.

Michael, 19, went to America as part of the exchange program to see America in all its splendor. Michael got that and much, much more. You see, Michael didn’t go just anywhere in the US, he ended up smack dab in the good ole Bible Belt: Greensboro, North Carolina. And what happened after his plane landed would definitely stay with him for life.

When I got out of the plane in Greensboro in the US state of North Carolina, I would never have expected my host family to welcome me at the airport, wielding a Bible, and saying, ‘Child, our Lord sent you half-way around the world to bring you to us.’ At that moment I just wanted to turn round and run back to the plane.

What happened after that is just bizarre to say the least. Every Monday, Michael’s host parents would gather the family around the kitchen table and talk about sex. Nothing wrong there except they hadn’t had sex in 17 years and Michael isn’t their kid! The parent claimed they were saving themselves for God.

When asked if he had drunk alcohol, Michael responded yes as most 19 year-olds would. They told him that the devil was in his heart.

It’s goes downhill fast after that with Michael eventually leaving for another family.

Now I’d like to know how would you react as a 19-year-old kid? I know I would have told them to shove it and mind their own damn business. As for going to church against my will, I don’t see that happening unless I was sedated.

Now how would you feel if that were your kid in some other country with a bunch of religious freaks?


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