I received a very confusing, yet interesting email today from Daniel Richardson, a contributing editor for Mahana’im, the Army of God. Please give it a read and share your thoughts on this one.


Daniel wrote:

Hi! Ever since I was young, people taught me that God no longer speaks to people. I later learned that the Protestant Confessions, including the Baptist Confession, say the former ways of God revealing His will to His people is now ceased. I was also told not add to God’s word. That means then that we should not be saying something the Scriptures do not say… keeping in mind that Moses is the first person to have said not to add to God’s word. Every prophet, Apostle and writer of Scripture since Moses has written down what God told them to write…after Moses said not to add to the word of the God.

The issue is a matter of the origin of the things that we say. Jesus said the one that speaks of his own initiative seeks his own glory. We are told in Scripture to let everything that we say be as it were the oracles of God so that God is glorified in everything that we say and do.

We cannot say anything that is not God’s word without glorifying someone other than God. That means that any statement, creed or Confession that is admittedly not God’s word does in fact glorify whoever wrote them instead of glorifying God…especially if those Confessions blatantly say the former ways of God revealing His will to His people has now ceased. It’s something the Bible never said. That statement of the Confessions means that Christ is no longer the head of His Church (if He no longer reveals His will to His people). It also means that a man has now taken God’s place in the Temple of His body in the supposed absence of the word of the Lord. Consider what this means.

I would like to know why it is that I have not heard anyone address this blasphemy of a man speaking of his own initiative in God’s place…this satanic mark of the beast unscriptural heresy teaching of taking God’s place in the Temple of the body of Christ.

Let it be known that God does indeed reveal His will to His people the way that He always did throughout history (His sheep hear His voice). Of course there is no support in Scripture for having any change in the teaching of Scripture (there is no change). God’s truth endures to all generations.

People use Scripture taken way out context saying that prophecy will be done away with. There is no indication anywhere in Scripture of when such a thing would happen especially when Paul says that we should seek most to prophesy in the next chapter. We are told to seek to prophesy. Prophecy will be done away with only when there is no longer a need for language, when we know the Lord as He knows us. Until then, we are told to seek most to prophesy. There was never a retraction of that instruction. So it would have to be "done away with" at the end of time. If any "part" of prophecy is done away with in this life, there is no whole part. No part of the prophecy of Scripture can be done away with. Neither is the practice of prophecy done away with anywhere in Scripture.

The only other thing I have heard someone say is that God has spoken to us through His Son. "His Son" said that He would send "another Comforter". Since when does the Holy Spirit or the word of the Lord stop coming to us? There were New Testament prophets that were not the Apostles. There is no basis in Scripture for any change in teaching.

The point is that all the work done in us (today) must be as a direct result of what God does Himself so that God gets all the credit. Understand this. Nothing that we say or do can be of our own initiative. All the glory must be of God… if we want to be truthful. We have no choice but to speak God’s word at all times.

Whoever does not speak God’s word all the time, speaks of his own initiative and glorifies himself… in God’s place the same as the false prophet and the beast. In Isaiah God says, "…walk in the light of your fire and among the brands you have set ablaze; this you will have from my hand, you will lie down in torment."

I would be wrong if I didn’t speak up or say anything. Everyone who learns of this heresy of speaking of one’s self in God’s Temple, the body of Christ and doesn’t say anything against it is not doing the right thing. It is a very deceptive church heresy that has deceived millions of people.

So…"Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts". Take care.

Daniel Richardson

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