Hey hey hey everyone! I have finally given in and setup paged comments for the posts. Currently, they're set at 100 comments per page so that should make the Muhammed Caricatures page load much quicker. Please let me know if you find any problems and send me the page link that was corrupt.

Also, I have nearly completed the forums. They are located here. It is important to note that these are beta. It is also important to mention that you must be registered in order to post in the forums. This has been done for obvious reasons. I am looking for feedback at this moment more than anything else. I want to know how people feel about the topics and layout. Please take a peek and provide as much detailed feedback as you can in the comments here.


  • Fixed forum not displaying issue for now.
  • Registration for forums is the same as the regular blog. So if you're registered for the blog then you are already registered for the forums.
  • When registering, please make sure that the confirmation email doesn't get flagged as spam. Some users have reported not receivin their password upon registering, it is because it was flagged as spam by your email provider. 

I wish everyone a great New Year and I eagerly look forward to 2007!


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