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Religious Freaks Invade Pentagon

NPR had a great show on yesterday about an evangelical Christian group called the Christian Embassy and it’s ties to the Pentagon. The issue was raised when a video surfaced showing several key military and civilian players at the Pentagon endorsing the Christian group. This may sound like a yawner, but I managed to find [...]

Benny Hinn–Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Ferin brings us this gem of a video. Take 1 part Drowning Pool and add a healthy scoop of Benny Hinn. The result is a beautiful religious freaks extravaganza. Let the bodies hit the floor indeed. On a serious note though… how on earth could you play along with this scam if you’re in the [...]

The Jew That Ruined Christmas

Tis’ the season to be offended! Every year people of all faiths complain about the holidays, or if your Christian, the very phase "Happy Holidays". Jews cringe at door greeters wishing them a Merry Christmas. Atheists complain about public nativity scenes. And as for the Muslims, well nobody knows what they’re up to. So it [...]

Religious Freaks Rises From The Ashes!

Over the last few days my traffic had dropped by a whopping 75%. In addition I had reports from several users about server not found errors and all other sorts of goodies. Well, after contacting my crack commando squad of computer hackers (my buddy), the source of our problems has been identified and fixed. Apparently [...]

Jewish — Race Or Religion?

Recently I had a discussion with a Russian-Jewish friend about Chanukah and the history surrounding it. Yea, I know what you’re thinking… Wow gasmonso, you sure have an exciting life… but please bear with me. We talked about what Chanukah represents and so on. The discussion then turned to Christmas and how it is a [...]

Jesus Meets Grand Theft Auto

Thanks to Evangelical Right for renewing my interest in this one. Tempers are flaring over the now released Eternal Forces by Left Behind Games. This game pits all non-Christians in a no holds barred Rapture. You can either choose the path to God or join the ranks of the Antichrist. Either way, there’s plenty of [...]

Muslims “Pissed” Over Bubbly Incident

Recently the NSW Art Gallery in Australia awarded the "NSW Young Australian of the Year" award to Iktimal Hage-Ali, an attractive young Muslim leader. Hage-Ali is part of Prime Minister John Howard’s Muslim Reference Group and serves as a Muslim voice for the community. She fights for Muslim’s rights and even voiced anger at attempts [...]

Religious Freaks Slogan Survey!

Slogan Survey! Hey everyone! I finally compiled a list of slogans that you’ve submitted and there were close to 100 entries! I have boiled it down to about 40 and I need your help to further narrow it down. Please go to the survey and pick at least 3 of your favorite slogans. Once I [...]

The Case For Women’s Beach Volleyball–Listen Up Islam!

The 2006 Asian Games are underway in the State of Qatar, which lies in the Persian Gulf. Being a predominantly Muslim nation, Qatar is finding it difficult to cope with women’s beach volleyball. Why you ask? Well let’s see what you need to host a beach volleyball game: -Newly built arena… CHECK!-Freshly textured beach-quality sand… [...]

Christmas Cheapened By Pornaments–Christians Outraged!

The novelty gift store Spencers, famous for their line of absurd and strange gifts has finally crossed a sacred line. They have insulted the most prestigious holiday in the Christian religion… Christmas. With their disturbing line of Pornaments, Spencers has defiled several Christmas icons such as Frosty the snowman, Santa’s elves, and even the good [...]