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Avoid Herouxville Quebec If You’re Muslim

When I saw this story, I was convinced it was either a joke or at least inaccurate. But as reality has proven in the past; life truly is stranger than fiction. Come with me to Herouxville, Quebec where the local government has laid down the town rules in a very unique and clear fashion. It’s [...]

Mr. Deity–Allmightiness One Day At A Time

Mr. Deity a very fresh and nicely done video series that looks at God and the Universe. This hilarious bi-monthly series is written and directed by Brian Keith Dalton. Currently the show is released exclusively on YouTube, but Dalton hopes that it will evolve in to a half-hours television series. Take a look for yourself, [...]

Muslim-Only Bathrooms In La Trobe University

It’s no secret that the United States was a very racist country towards blacks. Back in the first half of the 20th century, it was common (at least in the South) to have segregated bathrooms and water fountains for blacks and whites. Blacks were rightfully upset over the division and it took a national civil [...]

Pigs Fly In Israel As Muslim Appointed To Cabinet

The Israeli government approved the country’s first Muslim Cabinet member, Raleb Majadele. Immediately following this announcement, thousands of pigs took to the air to mark this highly improbable event. Now after reviewing that last paragraph, I find myself chuckling at the prospect of pigs flying in the Middle East. I’d imagine flying pork products of [...]

The Second Coming Of gasmonso!

Welcome back everyone! Let's hope that Cyber Warrior Tim and his Islamic army of ignorance will leave us in peace. The reason for the attack was to protest against the infamous Muhammed Caricatures that I have shown for almost a year now. I will provide more information, but I am tired and want some sleep [...]

Islam–The Honorable Religion

Looks like we have a trifecta folks! Islam takes the gold, silver, and bronze in the January 2007 ludicrous Olympics. This final winner takes us to the lovely land of Amman, Jordan where we find a Muslim father struggling with the love of his 17-year-old daughter and the honor of his family. Complete story here. [...]

Crazy Muslim Assaults Life-Saving Doctor

After I wrote my previous rant on Muslims I wondered how long it would be till the next ridiculous story came along. Well guess what, it was a mere 24 hours and it's a beauty! Come with me to Paris, France as we embark a journey through the mind of a Muslim madman. Ben Moussa, [...]

Common Sense And Courtesy Absent In Islam

I'm just gonna throw this one out to everyone as more of a rant than a finely-crafted piece of commentary. It's a long and bumpy ride so strap on your seatbelt and hang on. A few days ago I noticed this story about a female Muslim police officer in Britain that refused to shake hands [...]

Westboro Baptist Church: The Musical!

I'm sure what to make of this ridiculous video. It has all the makings if a parody, yet all the sources appear rather legit. If so, then these lunatics are a true diamond in the rough. The song is entitled "The Bible Says" and is written by Donnie Davies and performed by Evening Service. Davis [...]

Karate For Christ–The Army Of God’s New Weapon

With Judgment Day looming just over the horizon, it's a good time to ask yourself one question: What are the chances that I will make it to that great big playground in the sky? Well if you're like me then your chances aren't very good. But there's hope. There's Karate For Christ! Karate for Christ [...]