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Global Warming–Satan’s Great Diversion

Global warming for me at least is a complicated issue. Both parties in the US are split with Democrats claiming the Earth will die in like 6 months and Republicans not acknowledging a damn thing. I myself stand somewhere in the middle. Evidence is pretty conclusive that the Earth is warming up, but the exact [...]

Christian Mother Sues Hospital Over Evil Baby

Off to Russia we go where a devout Christian unknowingly has been living with the Antichrist baby for two years! Furthermore, the fate of our very existence falls upon her actions. I’m sure you’re confused so allow me to clarify. A mother in Stavropol Russia gave birth 2 years ago in what was a seemingly [...]

Evil Muslim Kites Strike Again!

I reported on the infamous Basant festival of destruction before. This years Basant was yet another trip through madness that resulted in wanton carnage. In 2004, 19 people met their fate during the festival and a ban was quickly passed. Thousands protested and the government finally agreed to lift the ban for this year. As [...]

Pale Blue Dot

I was just contacted by a musician named icecorescientist. He alerted me to a little music video on YouTube that he created and wants to share with you all. Here’s what he has to say about it. We still have time to change before we turn our garden of eden in to another venus. Inspired [...]

Jesus’s Body Found?

Tomorrow in New York, James Cameron and Simcha Jacobovici will hold a press conference to unveil what they believe is the most significant archeological find in history. Cameron and Jacobovici will display the actual casket of Jesus Christ complete with remains. The two filmmakers will also claim that Jesus had a son and and a [...]

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Here’s a nice little ditty that’ll put you in the weekend mood. It’s a popular song written by Eric Idle that was originally featured in the 1979 film Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Learn more about it here. Enjoy everyone and have a great weekend! Get the Flash Player to see this player.

Shunned Jesus Sues Elementary School

Here just another sign of the times that tolerance is a thing of the past and ignorance is prospering. Shout out to Keenen for the tip. A 10-year-old boy in Philadelphia attempted to wear a Jesus costume during his Willow Hill Elementary Schools’s Halloween party last October. Among the other guests were witches, ghouls, ghosts, [...]

Attack Of The Christian Vegetables!

Hoist the freak flag because we’re about to embark on a most unsettling Christian animated journey. There are three distinct stops on this journey and I politely ask that you keep your hands inside the ride at all times. So without further ado, let us begin. Stop #1: VeggieTales–A computer animated Christian series produced by [...]

Beware The Islamic PDAIA

If you thought religious rule couldn’t invade your personal business anymore, allow me to introduce you to Terengganu. Terengganu is a Malaysian state that has a problem with public affection. As a result they have created the Public Display of Affection Intelligence Agency or the PDAIA. The mission of the PDAIA is to look out [...]

Behold The Power Of Faith

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