Josh sends us this latest nugget of nastiness for all of us to choke on. Paula Zahn, a CNN anchor, headlines an issue driven show aptly named Paula Zahn Now. On a recent show, Zahn covered the story of an Atheist family in a small Mississippi town that complained to their son’s public elementary school about class time devoted to bible study and prayer.

What follows is simply astonishing. The panel of “experts” on CNN consists of a Jew and two Christians. With the exception of one panel member, they openly assaulted the Atheist family in a most degrading fashion. What I find most amusing is that the two people who are attacking the Atheists are both female and one is a Jew and the other a black. Both of these groups have suffered in recent history, yet it appears that neither remember. It’s truly sad.

If you would like to submit feedback to the show, do so here.

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