jesus riding dinosaurFor those of you with HBO, they just released a brand new documentary by Alexandra Pelosi called Friends of God. Pelosi takes the audience on an unbelievable journey throughout the magical red-states of America where reality ceases to exist and unicorns roam free.

In this jaw-dropping clip, you bare witness to the insanity that is Buddy Davis and his Answers in Genesis Children’s Workshop. It is here that children are taught the facts of life. Children are taught that Jesus roamed the earth with dinosaurs and the Grand Canyon was created in a flash flood.

Now most of us have heard this all before. But what I find interesting here is the clear indoctrination of these children into a world where you don’t trust what you can see, hear, and touch. They are taught to trust the supposed word of God because the Bible is the history book of the universe.

Watch how clever Buddy Davis is in making evolution sound ridiculous. He uses goofy pictures and catchy songs to get these kids on board. Not once does he use reason, logic, or evidence to make his point. He is what all successful evangelists are. They are simply suave individuals with the gift of gab. They remind me in many ways of car salesmen.

I’ll be honest when I say that this video angered me. These parents are raising a generation of idiots and that troubles me. Look at the mother about two minutes into the video. Oh my God! I love her reasoning of why she believes in creationism. What a damn fool.

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