kristen talks angels san antonioThings aren’t just bigger in Texas; they’re weirder too. A little girl named Kristen from San Antonio has a unique ability. Kristen cannot only see angels, but she can of course speak to them as well.

Kristen was just 4 years old when a small miracle occurred in her family’s home. She was looking at an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the wall when things got a little weird. Kristen says:

“Her eyes like opened a little more like that and she smiled at me.”

Kristen has been hanging out with the angels ever since. It is interesting to note that angels do indeed have halos and a fancy white garb!

Check out the full news report to hear the story from Kristen and her mother. Anyone care to tackle this one? One more thing, no Black Crowes jokes because it’s already been done :)

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