marjoe gortnerI felt it necessary to revive an American legend from obscurity. Marjoe Gortner was the youngest evangelical preacher when he was ordained at the tender age of four. He traveled the country with his parents holding revival meetings and “healing” the sick. With every town visited, the family bilked more and more money from their faithful followers.

In the late 60′s though, all that went awry when Marjoe had a change of conscience. He decided to make one last revival tour and bring along a film crew this time. Marjoe was about to expose to the world the true inner workings of his family and other ministers. Marjoe gave detailed information on how he and countless others deceive the faithful out of millions and get nothing but praise in return.

The resulting film, Marjoe, won the 1973 Academy Award for best documentary. Watch the preview below and add this movie to your must-see list. Enjoy!

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