jesus treeThe latest stop on the Jesus tour takes us to the small town of Crystal City Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas and this latest Jesus visual association is no exception.

Crystal City is a unique town. Popeye currently resides here and during WWII many Japanese aliens were forced to live there as well. But now a new resident is taking up roots in Crystal City. Jesus has seemingly popped up out of the ground and taken the form of a tree. Why a tree? Who cares! It’s Jesus and the 95% Hispanic and mostly Catholic town couldn’t be more happy.

On a serious note though, check out the video and notice the shear ignorance of the townspeople. To me it proves that religion thrives among the destitute and desperate. One guy in the video even admits that the town doesn’t have much and lives off of faith. Brings a tear to my eye almost.

I would like a Christian reader to acknowledge this. Just admit that religion is a crutch for the weak. Check out some of the quotes from other townspeople:

“I think He’s here for a reason.”
“I think it may be a sign.”
“It will bring peace to their house. Miracles, if they are sick or get them better.”

One person even left a picture of their wheelchair-bound daughter. Are they expecting her to walk tomorrow? Sad.

To the credit of the reporters though they actually mentioned that it may just be pareidolia. Check out the link and read all about it.

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