allah arabicEver since I started this site, I have reported on Jesus sightings as well as the occasional Virgin Mary image. The one thing that all these stories have in common is what appears to be an image or likeness of Jesus or the Virgin Mary. Whether it’s a Virgin Mary Funyun or a tree resembling Jesus on the crucifix; it is always an image or likeness.

Have you ever wondered about Islam? What do Muslims see since depictions of the Prophet Muhammed are taboo? Tis a tricky situation if you ask me. Fortunately, Allah has risen to the challenge and accommodated Islam in a unique fashion. Whereas Christians see the image of Christ, Muslims see the actual Arabic text for “Allah”. Convenient? Indeed!

The beginning of the video is nothing more than pictures of “Allah” sightings accompanied by some catchy Arab music. The end of the video is quite interesting and initially caused me to laugh out loud. Then after a little realization, it disturbed me.

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